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  1. Hi,

    I started Vitamin D regime 10 days back. My baseline Vit D level was 19. 

    I did 140,000 IU ( Two 50K capsules + Micro D3 0.5cc ) for 7 days and got my testing done again.

    My numbers after loading dose are:

    Vitamin D : 86 ng/ml

    Calcium: 11.6 mg/dl

    So Vitamin D has definitely moved in right direction, however calcium seems higher ( don't have baseline for that ).

    My headaches have not improved yet and based on my reading it seems I may need to go to may be 100+ level to see relief.

    But since calcium level is on high side, what would be a good course of action ? Continue Vitamin D and just stop extra calcium supplement ? Or discontinue Vit D till Calcium level falls ?

    Any opinion/advice be great as I really was hoping this to work for me :)



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