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  1. Sorry to hear the struggle. My cycle jumped to summer as well about 3 weeks ago. There must be something in the air.
  2. Thanks again for the replies. I'm going to go heavy on the preventatives next cycle, D3, psilocybin, etc. I think I have found my culprit, or at least why my usual isn't helping. Since I upped from 150mg to 300mg Buproprion my blood pressure had held a steady 140/85, even now after being on verapamil for 3 weeks. I typically hover around 110/75, so that may have triggered the cycle early.
  3. Thank you for the replies! Another question, does anyone have experience with how long it takes verapamil to start working if you start mid-cycle? 240mg ER taken before bed as a preventative has done the trick for years, but right now I’m closing in on 3 weeks without relief. The attacks have still been shorter and easier to abort with oxygen / triprans. And they've shifted from night time to daytime which I think is my usual pattern.
  4. Hello! I've been lurking here for years and finally decided to join since I'm in a weird spot. I get ECH and usually take verapamil (240mg ER) leading up until these times and it has kept me headache free for about 5 years. For some reason the cycle started 2 months early this year and I'm trying to understand why. So a few questions.. Is it common for a cycle to start earlier than usual? I've been dealing with the loss of a parent so the headaches started about a month after a Buproprion medication increase to 300mg daily. I had headaches as a side effect the first week only so I'm not sure if this is the culprit... Does verapamil take longer if you're trying to stop an active cycle? Normally right at 2 weeks it is knocking these out. I'm around day 15. Would the buproprion prevent he verapamil from working? I'm managing it with welding oxygen and 100mp sumatriptan (which I sort of hate). I also have 150mg psilocybin caps that I'm going to try and follow the bust procedure with once the triptan is out of my system. The headaches are starting to respond to the oxygen and triptans so I feel like I may be coming out of it, whereas oxygen and triptans did nothing last week. Still concerned :D.
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