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  1. I found it and I am reading up on it right now. Thanks sweetie very much.
  2. No, is that a brand name? Where do I purchase it?
  3. Update: I suppose my condition is just too advanced for lasting relief from pain. My second injection was on August 9th, and now on September 10, I believe the effectiveness is totally gone. Migraines are back and pain has returned full force. I cannot put into words how disappointed I am. I truly wish everyone success on their journey to be pain free. I hold each one of you in my thoughts and prayers. I'd like to ask if anyone has any suggestions for me for any relief I'd sure appreciate it. I'm afraid that these injections were my last hope. I'd also appreciate a mention when you're talking to the good Lord. Good luck and God bless you all.
  4. Split the drive if at all possible, especially if it is a long one. I pray this works for you and your pain is greatly reduced. Even 70% is very easy to live with. I don't expect to ever be 100%. Please let me know how you do. If you have a fast metabolism, be sure and mention that to the doctor. God speed. Y'all are in my prayers.
  5. Kat... I'm doing pretty good. I still have around 70% relief. I do still have to take my percs, muscle relaxers, and Aleve, but very much reduced and now the meds work. This morning was a little rough, but I took meds and got relief. As long as I can get relief taking my meds I'm happy. I'm sure I'll never be able to do much more than light housework and light living. If this lasts, I will take another injection when needed, if I get long term relief. I think if I were you, I'd give it a try. Just please don't expect 100% relief. God bless you honey ❤️
  6. I've had chronic pain for the past 20 years. I've had 5 cervical surgeries. I have degenerative disc disease, stenosis, along with fibromyalgia. Nerve damage in cervical spine and arms. Basically, was told nothing else could be done. I seriously think the medical Drs and surgeons thought I was faking this because MRIs showed nothing out of order. I just know I was searching for a large tree to run my jeep through in order to finally get relief. I figured I'd talk to the Lord afterwards and beg forgiveness. I had my 1st injection on July 11, 2022. Immediate relief. Cried like a baby in the office and grabbed the good Dr and hugged him. It lasted 1 month. Got my 2nd injection a few days ago on August 9. Not immediate relief, but did feel some better. I believe the 9 hour round trip didn't help as I haven't been able to drive long periods in years. This morning, the 10th, I have relief. I'm not going to do anything other than light house work for a week and hope it lasts longer. Dr Rick did say he thought my metabolism was extremely fast and maybe chewed up the medicine very quickly. A side note: they now charge $300 each time you're injected. I'm hoping for at least 3 months relief. I never had totally no pain, but was 75% better and could more than live with that. If this doesn't last at least 3 months I probably won't have anymore as the cost is too high for the trip and injection. I'm happy to hear that so many have found relief. I pray this boost works for me as I'm at the end of my rope. God bless you all. I'll report back.
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