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  1. @mit12@CHfather what's the best regulator?
  2. About how long does a tank last? I know everyone's experience will be different - but this is all new to me. My PCP recommended oxygen and it seems miraculous - but now she says there is ZERO way to get it! So, if you rent this tank, about how many cluster treatments can you get from a bottle this size?
  3. I was recently diagnosed with Cluster Migraines (finally after years of suffering!) and discovered that oxygen is almost miraculous in it's effectiveness. But now my PCP says that there is no possible way for me to get it. What are my options? More info: I just got married and moved to a new state. I have my old insurance which is only catastrophic or self-pay but often offers discounts. I also just switched into Medicaid with a managed care plan. Is there a way to get oxygen without going through insurance/Medicaid? Are there other devices beside a high-flow oxygen tank which requires a prescription? Have you found other things that work similarly/as well?
  4. My doctor told me not to take decongestants (because of rebound headaches) - but then prescribed Flonase (which everyone else has told me you can only take a few days at a time). However, keeping my sinuses clear and allergy relief has been a big part of trying to prevent my cluster migraines so I am back on the decongestants. The Flonase seems helpful, but I need it too often. Nature's Rite Congestion Relief Spray (available on Amazon) seems like a good natural alternative that I can supplement with. I'm curious if anyone else has had success with nasal sprays and/or Flonase.
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