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  1. Guys/ gals it’s a lil hard for me to structure a complete post without seeming to ramble at times so please bear with me. Ok first to the very scary situation today. I needed a lil bit of groceries today so I got ready got Sophie in the car and headed less than a 1/4 mile from my home to the lil grocery store. Felt fine leaving the house. As I was figuring what I thought I was gonna fix tonight lightning struck me in the head while shopping. Omg it was bad only one in a handful of CH’s I’ve ever had during the day I honestly panicked as I had my stuff in the basket and was in the checkout line. One customer in front of me by that time the left side of my face had became paralyzed left eye was shut solid no telling what I looked like to the cashier I barley made it through checkout then to the car. I thought omg how am i gonna make it home as it’s never happened and me have to drive. Thank god I was only about a quarter mile from the house, as I do live on a very busy road. I tried hard to watch for other traffic with one eye. Never have I ever had that happen. Actually hit the curb of the road 3 times in so much pain almost hit the mailbox trying to pull in the drive way. Sophie knew something was wrong so she was licking and trying to help as I was trying to make it home. I’m just glad I did make it. Idk how but I did could barely see from each eye. But of course my left eye was totally closed . Very hard time making it into the house omg what a nightmare I hope this hasn’t happens to anyone else I very much do. Have no idea what triggered it but it happened. Thank god we made it home..
  2. @Darrin. The nat geo show comes on after a show called trafficked with Maria van zeller she dives into the black market for literally every thing from body parts to as tonight’s episode was black market crude oil for terrorist it wonder she’s still alive. I do hope they somehow do a repeat of the CH episode all we can do is hope. I wish you luck in trying to find it..
  3. @ Dallas Denny. Yes I did that’s why I visited this very site. Very informative documentary found it very interesting. I’ve battled cluster migraines ever since the accident caused me to become disabled. Before that I could count on one hand the headaches I had. I was informed by my disability lawyer that I could have gotten disability just on the migraines and frequency that they occur. At this point I do believe the neurologist are just grabbing at straws it feels like. If it’s a migraine med I’ve been prescribed it with lil to mild results. I’m outta options I feel like. So like I say I did see the NAT GEO special about this group seems promising to me. Thanks y’all.. jusnobody
  4. As stated i am new seen this on National Geographic channel. I have suffered confirmed cluster migraines since a workplace accident that from which I am permanently disabled. I’ve been told that I could have qualified and received disability just for the migranes let alone spinal and brain damage. I took severe spinal, cns and brain stem damage due to a fall. I was a welder for 25 years. The fall ended my career and what seemed my life. I then developed confirmed, cluster migraines not soon after the fall. Which was in 2013 to this day still have them. Sometimes lasting for hours or more. That coupled with very severe non diabetic poly neuropathy and psoriatic arthritis I’ve seen the day and or days in which I didn’t care if I lived to see the next day. I do have a psychiatric service dog that helps mitigate most of my days thanks.. jus nobody
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