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Found 1 result

  1. New to the forum. Not happy to be here. Was wondering how long everyones typical cycle lasts. Im 14 weeks in, my last CH was about 2 weeks ago. Still getting 4-5 very mild (what I think are shadows) pains lasting maybe 10 seconds. Am I in the clear? Little bit about my ordeal if you care to read on. Diagnosed with CH at 41yrs old. No CH in the past 13yrs until October this past year. I remember 13yrs ago the same thing lasting only a few weeks. I didnt realize until now it could have been my first cycle. Started back up this fall. Woke up with a bad headache more of a tension headache all day with mild pain in the areas. The beast came day 2 in the evening. It seemed to go in 2 week intervals. 2hrs first 2-3 weeks, then down to over an hour for 2-3 weeks then to 45 and down to 25min. Intensity followed a similar pattern. Around 8 weeks they went back up over an hour for a week then down to 20min. 70% of my CH were between 8-10pm. I would get random breaks and go 1 day without CH, get hit then 2 days without, get hit... up to 4 days. This happened twice. Recently went 6 days with only shadows then had a very mild CH. I'm over 2 weeks since then with only shadows. Do the shadows ever go away? Looking forward to a cold beer. I feel for everyone on this forum, people just dont understand until you've experienced one. Nice to talk to others in my shoes.
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