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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, been a while since I had Cluster attacks, was 2014 . I remember joining a group back then, but soon the attacks stopped, all seemed well, just a fluke, so I have been quite content. Even so, last week, these things came back. Landed at the EMC room twice, before I could get to see the Neurologist, As I did not keep appointments all this time, so now had to be a new patient, ouch! Lesson learned. I had some old sumatritan hanging around in the cabinet, but finally ran that out quickly, 4 pills two days, 100 mg. EMC gave me a 25 mg script, would not give me the 100, the ol bad for the heart thing, second visit, they must have felt okay, and went to 50 mg. Finally got a bottle of 100 mg, 9 pills, all I get for now till like the 20th, insurance won't pay for it till then, Guess I have many many questions, but right now, scared I won't have Suma to fall on, what do I do then, It is the only thing that seems to work, , any suggestions (Even any home remedies?) on how to work around it, I do not see much, found a coupon at the drs office, will still be $66 that I really do not have, but would pay before the electric bill, (Scarey thought there!), Wife says AAA has similar options as well. I try to extend the Suma by not taking it till last moment type deal, but , well just scared at having another EMC room visit as well. Glad to have found this board tonight, got alot of questions, and just wanted to say hello , so see everyone on the other side!
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