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Found 1 result

  1. Here on a Sunday I'm requesting an O2 prescription via my online "patient portal" with my GP doctor's medical group, in hopes of them seeing the request first thing Monday morning, and my being able to fill it on Monday. I had asked the doctor for a prescription weeks ago when I suspected a cycle could be starting up, and now that I know one is indeed getting in gear, I've learned no prescription was called in. Maybe because as a GP he'll have no experience with CH and not know what to write. So I think I'll offer an example of exactly what he could write, and although maybe I should be an activist about educating him on high flow 100% O2 just in case he ever encounters another CH patient, I'm a little more about the most pragmatic way to ensure he'll write a prescription at all right now. It has been my habit in the past to work the system by getting whatever sort of prescription, then yanking the whimpy low flow regulator off the M tanks delivered from Apria and throwing out their joke of a rebreather mask practically before the door even hits them on the way out, while fastening my hot rod high flow regulator on there in order to get down to some real business. So who here knows exactly what a GP would be likely to automatically and unquestioningly agree to write for a CH O2 prescription (that I could then do my own thing with)? Welding O2 will be my backup plan, and I'll be seeing if per chance there is a local headache specialist that doesn't engage in the standard and grossly negligent practice of making CH patients wait for months for an appointment. Also I'm busting, on the D3 regimen with benadryl, know about all the pharma, blah blah.
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