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Zok device

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I had to come here to tell people about what has finally helped me with my cluster headaches. Ive been on some forums before looking for help with these awful headaches. Imatrex helped a little. Oxygen helped a little. I finally found something that works a lot. Its a device called the Zok. My sister in law found it on tic tock and ordered it for me. Its a simple device that helps change the pressure in your skull by pushing and pulling air into your ear canal. The headaches i get usually come  2-3 times a day and i have usually gotten them for a month at a time. The headaches i get i can feel coming on behind my right eye and they slowly get worse and worse and usually peak at around the one hour mark and then just like that they are gone. If these sound like the headaches you get—Order a zok immediately. So far it has worked three straight times. I dtart using it as soon as i feel the pressure behind my eye building snd so far the headaches have been knocked out before they became painful. I am now going to every forum i can find to let people know about the device because i feel its my duty to everyone suffering with these awful headaches. Ok good luck and god bless.

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