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Guys I need your help!!!


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I have ordered 4Oz of Morning Glory back in March this year from TrancePlants.net (Legal in Poland to obtain Morning Glory)

I have ran out of them and tried to order again to no avail.

I got e-mail from them saying:


Thanks very much for your order.

However, we cannot ship in Poland, because of very tight importation laws in this country.

We are presently cancelling your order.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks anyways and enjoy the day!



I might be getting headaches soon if I don't dose again and I am at my wits end as I do not know where to get Morning Glory from, I have started college once again reactivated my student's rights and account being safe that the 3-months headaches won't disrupt my learning process but seems I won't be able to stay away from headaches for too long.

Anyone please, please could help me out with any other page or source for fresh and potent Morning Glories? I tried ebay but I only found HWBR and RC seeds which are illegal in Poland and I am  bit scared to order and getting to jail (you can get jailed for 3 years for possesion in here)

Thanks for any insight and helpful stuff.

I just hope I don't get these damn headaches too soon so far dosing 200 grinded seeds every month worked to keep me for 2 years without headaches which is unusual.


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These guys have been really good for me...


Their shipping policy makes it sound like they will send them to you.

"Do you ship world wide?

YES! However, we cannot be held accountable for your country's customs policies and is very important that you understand this before ordering. If you order something that your customs office does not approve of, we will not replace or refund your order! If your country's mailing service is unreliable, we will not refund or replace your order. Please check with your country's customs to ensure that the items you are ordering are legal and not resticted by customs. Typically, smaller packages will arrive in about 10 days, larger boxes may take 2 weeks depending on location. Please note that international shipping times vary considerably from country to country. We ask that you please allow 21 days before contacting us regarding an international shipment.

Good luck, I'll keep my eyes open for more sources...


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