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2013 conference - new additions

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The 2013 cluster headache conference will soon be here, it's not too late to register.  All registration information and speaker lists can be found here:    CONFERENCE DETAILS

There may still be a few rooms left at $99, check online with the hotel here:    DOUBLETREE BY HILTON

The final agenda and syllabus can be now downloaded:  Agenda    Syllabus

We have 3 new presentations added to an already exciting and packed agenda:

First, Mr. Vernon Robinson, a fellow clusterhead  who hasbeen experiencing clusters for 21 years (the first 15 as episodic and chronic since) will relate his history of treating cluster headache ineffectively for many years and his current regimen of ketamine nasal spray, sumatriptan and DHE infusions under the care of Dr. Brian McGeeney (Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine).  His presentation is "Battles With The Monster In His Head".

Secondly, in addition to his presentation on Saturday, Dr. Larry Schor, PhD, a licensed psychotherapist and Cluster Headache patient, will be facilitating a therapeutic group for patients and their supporters Friday evening from 7:30-9:00:        The safest room on earth? A therapeutic group for Cluster Headache patients (and their supporters)

Beyond the physical pain of Cluster Headache, described by experts as among the most painful conditions humans experience, lies the often overlooked emotional, mental, and relational problems. CH patients are frequently misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and face a pervasive lack of understanding among even well-intentioned people. In short, no one who has not had a CH attack really can know what one feels like. Given the dramatically elevated suicidality among CH patients, addressing the psychological aspects of persons living with this condition is crucial. This group will offer participants the opportunity to truly be heard among people who can truly understand.

Lastly, Clusterbusters is pleased too announce the participation of ElectroCore Medical, the manufacturers of GammaCore.

GammaCore is a non-invasive treatment therapy of vagus nerve stimulation.  This treatment shows considerable promise for those with primary headaches such migraines or CH.  Trials are currently underway in other countries and will be starting in the USA shortly.  Mr. Eric Liebler and Ms. Jennifer Berman of ElectroCore Medical will make a presentation at the conference. 

Their web site is ElectroCore

Our conferences present a very diverse and complete picture of the treatment of CH.  The mission statement of Clusterbusters states:  Clusterbusters is an IRS-approved 501 © (3) non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to researching treatments that show promise for reliable, effective and long term relief from cluster and related headaches.

This year's conference will be amazing.

For more information or questions, please email info@clusterbusters.com

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