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    recommended doctor list

    Updated on the web site: https://clusterbusters.org/resource/cluster-resources/ Share where possible. Thanks Bill. :-) FG ******************* Admin - I updated the above link so the first post has the most updated link in the thread. Cheers, J *******************
  2. Attached is a summary of important information regarding the Vegas conference. Please, if you need oxygen at the conference read this carefully. you will need your own mask and E-tank regulator. If you don't have a regulator, talk about it in this thread and see who can help.  FG attendee_information_2012.doc
  3. [movedhere] Advocacy, Events and Conferences [move by] FunGuy.
  4. 9th Annual Clusterbusters Cluster Headache Conference 2014 Nashville TN Clusterbusters is pleased to announce the dates and venue for the 2014 Conference. Dates:   Thursday September 18, 2014 to Sunday September 21, 2014 Location: The Inn at Opryland - A Gaylord Hotel     2401 Music Valley Drive • Nashville, Tennessee This is one conference you will not want to miss! Meeting another "clusterhead" in person is one of the more meaningful experiences previous conference attendees share with us when asked for feedback, so come for this reason alone. Rooms and Rates: We have arranged a block of rooms starting at $99 per night.  Make your reservations online at: HOTEL RESERVATIONS  You WILL want to make your reservations early. Registration: For Online Conference Registration follow this link: ONLINE REGISTRATION We have been able to reduce the Registration Fee to $125 for attendees and $95 for spouse/companions. Schedule of Events: The 9th Annual Conference will start with Registration and the President's Reception at 6pm on Thursday September 18, 2014. The speakers and presentations will follow beginning at 9am on Friday and continue to Saturday at 5pm. Sunday is left open for socializing and final goodbyes. We are still working on the agenda and list of speakers, these will be announced shortly. NEW FOR THIS YEAR'S CONFERENCE - IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW As the size of the conference grows each year it becomes more important we plan the conference well in advance to obtain the best possible rates while ensuring we have space, rooms and food for everyone. We need your help to make it all possible. Please:
  5. Jeebs: The Bellevue room at the the Inn at Opryland. 6pm. Doc: Always a pleasure catching up with you and benefiting from your presentations. BTW, new agenda is up at this link for downloading: https://clusterbusters.org/2014-conference-agenda/ FG
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    Last rooms available - nashville

    LOL, thanks Jerry.
  7. We have managed to squeeze a few more rooms at the discounted rate for the Inn at OpryLand. These rooms will only be held until Tuesday September 2, 2014, after that a higher rate will apply. If you need a room, please book it NOW. If you have any difficulties please email info@clusterbusters.org See you in Nashville.
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    Out of rooms in Nashville?

    available now, right now.  :-) HOTEL RESERVATIONS Please, if you are coming please book your room now. We have a block left and we WILL LIKELY be running out at some point. There are other hotels nearby if we can't find a room at The Inn  Let us know if you have any troubles. info@clusterbusters.com Feel free to copy this anywhere else if there are discussions about no rooms. Thanks FG
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    Out of rooms in Nashville?

    Arrrrggghhhhh There will be more. Thought it was all set up, it should be It will be I truly apologize for the delay. :-(
  10. FunGuy

    Out of rooms in Nashville?

    More rooms are being added, will be available later today (Tuesday). Get yours soon !! FG
  11. FunGuy

    Out of rooms in Nashville?

    Working on it as I type. :-) FG
  12. The Clusterbusters, Inc. 9th Annual Cluster Headache Conference in Nashville TN, is now only 45 days away. This year's lineup of speakers will educate, entice and hopefully entertain all that attend during the September 18 to 21, 2014 weekend. If you are planning on making it to this event, we urge you to register and make your hotel reservations, if you need them, as soon as possible.  Attendance is running higher than last year and we have a limited number of rooms remaining. There are other hotels nearby if the room block at the Inn at Opryland fills. There are many things that need to be planned based upon total attendance and the earlier we have a good number on how many are attending, the easier it is for us to plan ahead and make the conference as enjoyable for everyone as we can. Please register through the link below to assist us in planning. http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e8pr6aa003823ed7&llr=asfwt7iab What a line-up of speakers!! (see above) Questions: info@clusterbusters.com
  13. Try again now. The hotel has released more rooms for the dates. Sorry for delay in replying. FG
  14. FunGuy

    Dr Elliot Shevel

    I despise editing posts. But after discussion with other admin persons it seemed necessary in this thread which incorrectly identified wrong individuals and therefore cast doubt on their qualifications, expertise and commitment to persons with CH. Opinions are fine. Lets play nice. OK, I really hate editing posts. FG
  15. FunGuy

    recommended doctor list

    Thanks for posting about this problem. Checking into it further. Seems to be working for me from 3 different browsers? The link ad the site. Not sure why? Maybe try clearing your memory cache, could be an old page still stored? Anyone else having this problem?
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    It is so sad to hear of this loss. My condolences to all the families. Doug
  17. I've just sent out emails to all registrants on this message board with a new speaker list and the details of the conference. The main registration page is here: ONLINE REGISTRATION Yes, there is plenty of parking. To all the newcomers or first-timers thinking of coming --- I can only say these conferences are the experience of a CH lifetime, one you will not want to miss. And it will be a great conference, once again. FG
  18. Got this in the mail today from the researchers at John Hopkins. If you might qualify, please consider completing the survey. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are currently recruiting individuals who have quit smoking cigarettes or reduced their smoking (even temporarily) after an experience with a psychedelic, for participation in an online survey. Our team has previously conducted innovative research on the effects of compounds including psilocybin, dextromethorphan, and salvinorin A. The goal of this survey is to learn more about whether psychedelic drugs are associated with reduction or cessation of cigarette smoking. We want to characterize people's experiences in non­laboratory settings in which taking a psychedelic may have led to reducing or quitting smoking. For the purposes of this survey, we will be asking specifically about individuals who have quit smoking cigarettes or reduced their smoking (even temporarily) after experiences with psilocybin (magic) mushrooms, LSD, morning glory seeds, mescaline, peyote cactus, San Pedro cactus, DMT, or ayahuasca. This research study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of Johns Hopkins Medicine. The survey is completely anonymous (IP addresses will not be recorded) and will require 40-45 minutes to complete. If you are interested in participating, please click the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/nonsmoker . Your participation is voluntary and will not be financially compensated. Participants must be 18+ years of age, speak/write English fluently, and have experienced a reduction or cessation of cigarette smoking after an experience with one of the psychedelic substances listed above. For more information, please contact the researchers via the site's private messaging system. Principal Investigator: Matthew W. Johnson, Ph.D. Protocol: NA_00084260 -- Albert Garcia-Romeu, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 5510 Nathan Shock Drive Baltimore, MD 21224
  19. Current Research on the Human Experience of Spirituality Following the Ingestion of ‘Magic’ Psilocybin Mushrooms: An Annotated Bibliography for Social Workers and Other Health Care Professionals An interesting an lengthy paper by Rose Jade, attorney. Annotations throughout and more reading way down in the 28 pages. This page leads to the abstract and the entire paper can be downloaded at no cost. http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1714051 Oh, it doesn't mention CH anywhere in the paper. :-(
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    ooops, big ooops

    Today I managed to crash part of the message board. Administration his its privileges and pitfalls. I think everything was recovered but any posted made while I was messing things up could have been lost, if so I apologize. A big thank you to DJ for bailing me out of this. Again. Thanks DJ - best of the season to you and your family. FG
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    Keith says hey all

    excellent Keith. Good to hear. :-)
  22. The new list as of December 5, 2013 is now up for download or viewing on the CB website: http://clusterbusters.org/?page_id=455 Please feel free to update or re-post this information & link for the benefit of others. :-) A huge thank you to Bill for his ongoing work and dedication in maintaining these lists. FG
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    Cervical spine botox

    I am just so damn happy right now for you Dan. :-) If there is anyone that ever deserved a break, its you. OK, a lot do. We all do. But I'm still damn happy.
  24. Greetings all. The conference is fast approaching, got your room booked and registration confirmed yet? September 12 to 15, 2013. Each year we hold an auction and raffle. All of the items for the auction come from clusterheads, some who will be in attendance and many who can not make the trip to Chicago but help support our efforts. Every year there are some truly beautiful and amazing items donated to the auction and raffles, we thank everyone for their generosity. Clusterbusters has arranged for an address in Chicago to send any items you wish to donate to the conference.  We truly appreciate any and all donations as all monies raised help fund the research, education, advocacy and support projects we have underway.  Due to the open nature of the boards, I will not post the address on this public-viewable message board. If you have items you wish to send to Chicago, please contact us by email (address below) or PM me and we can set up the delivery. A big thank you to the people in Chicago who are assisting with this, we could not run this event without your help If by some chance your package is exceptionally large or heavy, please advise as we may need to make other special arrangements. Thanks to all. Clusterbusters info@clusterbusters.com Link to Conference Information, Speaker List, Hotel Reservations and Registration: CONFERENCE DETAILS
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    I can't take credit for anything that is changing. And I'm certainly no whiz at cyberspace. lol DJ manages the site and server for us, so anything that is happening is because of his tireless efforts for Clusterbusters and those with cluster headache. Thanks DJ!!