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  1. No shadows now; hopefully a pre-emptive bust with one dose. :
  2. Mild shadow today. My cycle usually starts in December. (Merry Christmas to me!) but I think the cold snap here in Chicago has started things earlier. May have to re-seed this F.
  3. Found some left over RC seeds from a few years ago. Took 150 F night. Of course I ground them up and let them sit in filtered water for 4-5h. Took them around 10 pm. Woke up at 5 am very nauseous and trippy. So they did something! No shadows since then. Maybe I won't need to forage for fungus after all.
  4. Keith checking in. Doing well except for a few minor shadows. Last years season (winter) was PF. Did 1 pre-emptive bust and am out now. I'm considering doing the Gamma Core through Diamond HA Clinic. I've got O2, but I still don't fancy waking up at 2:30 am every night.
  5. When consuming the rum do you actually trip? How much do you need to drink?
  6. I may only be able to attend Fri night; I definitely want to meet everyone though!
  7. Cool! A rather short drive for me. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Keith
  8. Keith


    Welcome! Nice username; are you running out to get O2? I got to a point with Zomig (before O2) where I knew I would be awakened at 2:20am with a fierce CH, so I took 1/4 of 1 pill right at bedtime and it would prevent the inevitable hit. I'm not necessarily recommending that you do that, it's just something I found successful for myself. Much better to use O2 and then BUST! Good Luck, Keith (aka KickAssClusterBustinMoFo)
  9. Hi En, We have a lot in common; welcome! This group is an amazing bunch of tough, compassionate individuals. You're on the right track. Keith
  10. I'm in the Midwest as well. Welcome! Keith
  11. Well that's the first step; letting it out! Thank you for letting us know how you're feeling. You are an important, helpful member here. Try to find something, anything that you can do about your current situation. Pick one problem at a time and do something, anything to gain at least a little control over it. It's also possible that your "employer" is more negative than most and should be avoided if possible. Long walks and physical tasks can pull you out of your head and onto your environment. Try the above, keep posting, and let us know how it's going. Keith
  12. Excellent progress. Getting off of the Rx meds is great. O2 has made my cycles bearable. Keith
  13. For my "Good Morning!" hit, I use the huff/chug/huff/chug method. Frantically sucking down as much O2 and Rock Star asap. The welder's O2 and regulator works well. I had to buy the tanks (filled) for $153.00, and refills are $29.00. (Another tank? Yea, big project, big project). These are fairly small tanks that are easier to transport. It's quite satisfying to "stick it to the man" and bypass the MD/Insurance/Big Pharma conglomerate. No more Zomig for me! Keith
  14. Ok; thanks for your helpful comments. Be Well, Keith
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