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  1. Dear God I need to change my profile picture. I'm a big fat ass now
  2. Can't wait!
  3. I spend so much at amazon that it would be fantastic to get this working!
  4. Thanks
  5. I am so excited for this conference!
  6. Thanks
  7. For some reason, it WILL NOT let me change it using the link. I am currently supporting Wounded Warriors, but it gives me the option to choose a different charity. Since I cannot find Clusterbusters in the list, I can't change to it. I've tried searching "clusterbusters", "Cluster", "headache", and "CB" but it does not show up along side the dozen or so other charities that meet the criteria. Any suggestions?
  8. Is Clusterbusters still registered on there? All I see is the Cluster Headache Support Group
  9. I have had no problems busting while taking paroxetine
  10. I can't even imagine
  11. Hoping to attend again this year!
  12. Has he tried busting?
  13. WOW! What an astonishingly beautiful couple! ;D
  14. Unfortunately I don't think the wife and I will make it this year. With the new baby on the way, we are trying to really get our finances in order and it may not be in the budget. We'll see though, maybe I will win the lottery. The conference should be amazing this year!
  15. Either will work fine. I don't think there is a "best" one since there are so many variables. It's just a matter of preference