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  1. Special Announcement : Keynote Speaker. Clusterbusters is extremely happy to confirm Mr. Carter Lee will be the Keynote speaker at the 2012 Las Vegas conference on September 21 and 22. Carter Lee is the president of Innovative Social Dynamics, LLC, the author of When Jonathan Cried for Me, columnist of In That Moment of Space for the Communities at the Washington Times, co-host of the humorous and edgy advice show Really Genius Radio, and a professional speaker. As a columnist Carter has written articles covering many topics from self-improvement to current events, and has conducted riveting interviews with many interesting personalities, including Donald Trump. As a speaker, Carter is known for his charismatic style, edgy philosophy, and strong self-confidence. He presents his messages with an eloquent diction and style as only he can deliver. Formerly an actor, stand-up comedian, and involved in the sports-entertainment industry, Carter was a licensed professional wrestler, promoter, and booker. Yet, despite his success, like so many of us, he struggled with the challenges and stress of life. After a childhood filled with sexual abuse at the hands of a pedophile, violence, and intimidation, Carter was destined to become a monster. He suffered from PTSD, depression, weight and anger issues, and against all odds he took control of his destiny and turned his life around. He no longer struggles with his weight or anger, has no signs of PTSD or depression, and is free of medication. In his book Carter reveals his story and how he achieved such a dramatic change. In his business he spends his time helping others obtain a positive transformation through the knowledge of the mind, science, and innovative philosophy. He believes and teaches that the tools for transformation and personal greatness exist inside of everyone; they only need to be discovered and used. Carter recently went public about being a chronic cluster-headache sufferer in his article, Cluster Headaches, the King of Pain. He is very excited to speak at the Clusterbusters 2012 Conference in Las Vegas, and released this statement: “I am very excited to share the methods and mindset that I use to endure such pain while maintaining a positive outlook on life. It’s important that we don’t allow such a dreadful disease to incapacitate us to the point that we no longer can enjoy life for what it truly is, the greatest gift we will ever receive.”
  2. I hope your Doc is a good, caring and thorough person who is able to sort this all out. Mixed-type headaches are sometimes extra difficult to treat, one headache aggravating the other. Please let us know how the doc visit goes. FG
  3. I was there at the "Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century" conference but missed that presentation. There were so many good ones at that MAPS event. Bob spoke there also: http://www.maps.org/videos/source6/video4.html This link takes you to the page on the list of video presentations. http://www.maps.org/media/videos/ Almost everything you could want to know. It was an incredible weekend!! Rick Doblin and the entire MAPS organization/team do an amazing job. :-)
  4. There have only been a few articles written on expired meds over the years. This is the best and most balanced one I've read, from Medscape in 2003! http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/460159
  5. Thanks for pointing this out. :-) I forgot to check the links when we moved to the new web site. Edits made.
  6. We've decided to change the title of this board section to better reflect the diverse goals of Clusterbusters: Advocacy, Events and Conferences. Everything ranging from meetings to seminars to conferences (our and others), along with all the work by so many, advocating for services for clusterheads and looking into funding for research. :-) Â
  7. Interesting idea, I'm sure Larry will post some more later. FG
  8. Is anyone having problems with the board? Buttons missing, can't send or receive emails? It all seems to be working, but I've had a couple different messages about a couple of problems. Let me know, post pm, Thanks \
  9. Hi TJ. First thing we do is move your message to the General Board where everyone will see it. :-) Welcome, sorry you had to find us. I don;t know of any lists of acronyms/terms and we don't have any specific to our site. Do we? lol Tell us about you, your Clusters and how you manage them. And feel free to ask any other questions you have. Chronic. Yuck. Sorry. [movedhere] Test Zone [move by] FunGuy.
  10. There are no plans to change the message board. A new logo is still on my list of things to do. We wanted the site up and working before the Headache on the Hill. LOL, one headache at a time!! Chris did virtually all the work on the site, a great job!!
  11. My 2 pugs seem oblivious to my treatments. But there is this damn shark that lives in my hot tub and he only comes out when I'm in the middle of a treatment!! He used to worry me a bit, now we are buddies.  :-)
  12. that is music to our ears! support and encouragement, it's what the good folks here do. :-) Good luck
  13. I had nothing to do with the modify button, don't know what that was about or where it went. Weird. Back to the thread. :-)
  14. Original 6. :-) http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/yabbfiles/Attachments/boston_-_the_boston_six.jpg From the left: Mary and Bob, Marsha, Mitch Stu and Dan. Other pictures from Boston 2004 are here: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1269816831 FG
  15. I understand. Been there, done that. I imagine most everyone on this board has been there or has watched as their loved on is there.  It's so understandable. Yet that is one of my greatest concerns for everyone and particularly the newbies that arrive here, their 'desperation' in the middle of a cycle when all hell is breaking lose around them and inside their head.  I don't believe one should rush into this treatment or any treatment, be if for your clusters or for anything, Consider these busting methods and all the other treatments like you would any "medication", use it wisely and carefully. Acting out of desperation is not wise and if success is not achieved quickly the person may become more desperate.  Not good. But often its the only choice. Yep, it's hard to plan thoughtfully while your head is exploding. We know. BTDT. I remember 2 quotes from others here, I have to find them and add them somewhere in the welcome message. The first was about treating these substances with respect and then they will respect you. The other was about how this treatment is a lot more than just taking a handful of mushrooms. Sage advise from wise people. Please note, I'm not saying anyone is wrong with their opinions, from this thread or any other thread. It's all good and that's why we have this board.  Treat for the right reason, with the right intention, the right set & setting and the right attitude.  Treating for the wrong reasons at the wrong time is sad and potentially dangerous. Cluster are dangerous too. BTDT We all just want relief. Best FG
  16. The recommended starting dose is low for a number of reasons, get accustomed to them, get past the taste and to find the lowest dose that will work for you. It really depends on the quality of the seeds, their LSA content (and there is no way to know!). Many here go up to 50 + on doses but I think most started lower. The trade off with starting low is you may need to re-dose more to reach effectiveness and I know waiting is not good. (LOL, we as a group, clusterheads, must be one of the most impatient groups around. But pain can do that to ya.) The good news is if you take to many it's not going to be a wild trip. Our philosophy has always been to start low an work your way up to reach the lowest effective dose. What that will be for you, I don't know. Hopefully it won't take you long to find out. Read all you can and know what to expect when you treat. Good luck
  17. for the most current and up to date stuff on LSA can be found here: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1290128974 :-)
  18. Greetings all. We are in the process of re-vamping the web site and information pages. In the interest of providing current and up to date information to the newcomers, if you are going to link to pages and FAQ's please use the pages on this message board, in the"Clusterbusters Files" section rather than the links to pages on cb.com. The most up to date information is in the files section (and thanks again to Tommy for all the work he did on those pages). Thank you FG
  19. FunGuy

    new logo

    Any graphics or artistic types out there? Clusterbusters is looking for a new logo. Something for the web sites and all communications. Did I mention we need this quickly, like real quick. :-) This is not a contest and it doesn't pay well. OK, it pays nothing. But before we go looking outside we would be happiest if a member came up with the new logo. Email you ideas to busterboard (at) hotmail.com Disclaimer: any and/or all submissions become the property of clusterbusters. The decision of Bob is final. ;-)
  20. I have to apologize for missing the post where asked if anyone knew Dr. Halpern. Sorry. No excuse, I just didn't see it. Yes, I do know JH. He's spoken at our conferences, he give freely of his time to Clusterbusters and to people with CH. He answers emails, basically he gives a damn.  If BOL were available I know one of his first posts would be on this message board. I also can call him a friend, he's helped me through a couple of difficult situations. (thanks John).  For that reason I try to stay out of threads on BOL. He does read these boards when he can and I try and let him know of anything that I think is relevant (like this post).  No excuses, he's busy and can't answer everything but I know he tries his best. I'm not surprised he got back to anyone quickly. That's typical for him :-) FG
  21. here is the hotel link: https://www.totalrewards.com/hotel-reservations/main/?propCode=RLV&groupCode=SRCNP2 Yes, the speakers will be on Friday and Saturday. I'm working on the registration pages and agenda. Soon. Don't hesitate to email or PM any questions. FG
  22. from the article: Officers seized numerous baggies, each containing one-quarter pound of dried mushrooms, for a total of 5.5 pounds 1 pound = 453 grams 5.5 pounds = 2494.758 grams. Round it off to 2495 grams. ;-) I understand the concern but I don't think the 5 grams I have, to treat my condition, is going to get me a year in jail.
  23. Renee and all. One thing EVERY person with a diagnosis of CH should do is a trial of indomethacin. Clusters are rare, CPH and ECH even rarer and there are a bunch of other strange headaches but interestingly most of the other TAC`s are responsive to indo in the range of 150 mg per day (up to 300). CH, episodic or chronic seldom respond to indo, but there are a few that find it helps. Yes, indo is really hard on the stomach and GI tract, maybe that's why it is also available in suppository form. Every one should try it, just to rule out other conditions that are similar to CH
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