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Ssphenopalatine ganglion block

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There are also peripheral nerve blocks, and occiptial nerve blocks. The main goody in those nerve blocks is a steroid, thats what usually does the trick.

In my case since i cant take steroids ne more from over uses and two collapsed hip joints, i have gotten all of the above with just lidocaine. Usually its lidocaine and a steroid mix in the injections.

Just lidocaine does not work much if at all, any thing with a steroid was a silver bullet in the past.

But even with the nerve blocks all the time you run a risk of pitting of the skin, and hematoma. While being administered just lidocaine every two weeks for 2 months in about a dozen spots on my face and head, the more i got it done the less effective it was. i had maybe two days PF the first time after that it was nothing more than a few hours.

As far as the nerve bundle you mentioned, there are a few different applications, one is an injection through the roof of the mouth into the nasal cavaity, usualy is done with a scope to avoid hitting blood vessels. Also there is to be a new device to administer lidocaine and nerve block solutions in the nasal cavity, my doctor said i was approved but still hasnt received the device ( been 5 months... ::)) and even just a nasal spray bottle with lidocaine and saline mix, which doesnt do anything but irritate the nasal cavity more.

IME its always been a steroid that kills the beast, no matter which nerve bundle is being stabbed.

These procedures likely wont be a one shot deal, and will likely have to be combined with other treatments, whether busting, meds and or the other little tricks we have all found through our battles.

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well,, a steroid is an anti-inflammatory  ( I also have had many to my hips .. now I have two metal implants). so the steroid stops the inflammation of a ganglion.  knowing what causes the inflammation In the first place is key.  a study I just read stated they were able to bring on a cluster headache (who the hell would want to do that .. lol) by spraying Nitro glycerin into the sinus cavity.  so some irritant getting into the sinus cavity can also bring one on then no ? gee I would love to win the lottery and just study this ..

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