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2015 headache on the Hill

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Dear HOHers,

This yearÂ’s Headache on the Hill will be held in conjunction with the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting in Washington, DC.  House and Senate visits will be on Thursday, April 23rd , and preparatory meeting on Wednesday, April the 22nd.

This year sign-up will be different than in the past.  Simply email Shirley Kessel  happyislander@comcast.net , who will be assisting us in the arrangements, and she will send you the application form. She will also give you hotel information.

Please note that like last year the AHDA will not be reimbursing for travel.  They will be reimbursing non-neurologists $200 for their hotel room.

We have been allowed to reserve a small number of rooms by the Academy – so first come first serve for rooms where the meetings will be held!  If these rooms are taken, and only more expensive ones are available, unfortunately they will still only cover $200.

We are also working on securing additional rooms at a nearby hotel where we may all be able to reserve rooms and is only a short distance from the convention center/meetings as well as close to the Capital. We will announce this info as soon as possible.

Here is what we know about the program so far.  We will meet in the evening at the Convention Center at 4PM.  You will be given passes to get into the meeting room. We will be given our visit schedule at the end of the meeting, and then meet for photographs in front of Congress at 8AM on the 23rd before going off to Congress

Clusterbusters will be awarding five (5) travel scholarships in the amount of $250.00 to those most in need of help getting to DC. These will be awarded based upon need and preference will be given to those residing in states that might not otherwise have representation. One of the most important factors in getting results is to make our presence known in as many offices as possible.

For consideration for one of these travel scholarships, please write me at psiloscribe@yahoo.com and I will send you an application.

Thank you again to our membership for all your advocacy work in the past.  I look forward to seeing you in Washington and to having a great HOH.

I will be posting additional information as it becomes available.

Bob Wold



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