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Breaking News-Clinical Study on Cluster Headaches

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I'm not suprised that it's taken so long to get this drug available for a trial. Dr. Merle Diamond mentioned this drug to me at least 5 years ago. The cost doesn't suprise me neither. It's ridiculous !


@Bob - Migranal (Although it is stated to be a generic form of DHE) has some additives in it that DHE does not, like caffiene for one. DHE (Generic or brand name) IM or IV injections do NOT have these other additives in them. The only point i'm trying to make is, Migranal is VERY similar to DHE, but it is NOT exactly the same thing as the shots, IM or IV. One (1mg) IM injection per a day (30 shots per month) cost my insurance nearly $6,000. (More expensive than GOLD). If I need 2 shots per a day, the price jumps to about $11,500 per month.


Seems like every thing that has to do with medicine / treatments are ridiculously expensive !!


That's it. Mini-rant over.   :-)

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