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2015 Conference Transportation

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I've opened up this separate thread so people that are coming to the conference can discuss transportation once you get here and maybe share some rides. Please just post in this thread about transportation so people looking for rides don't get lost in other discussion topics. Please don't hijack the thread.


Go ahead and post your arrival times and which airport and maybe people can share a cab or meet to share the same shuttle. People coming into Midway will have a trip to get up to the hotel.


If we can bunch up a few people we might be able to help find a ride or you can discuss meeting to share a cab or travel together on mass transit, for those that are comfortable hoping on a train and making some connections. Once you get up to O'Hare (if you take mass transit) you can then catch the free shuttle to the Hyatt or Comfort Inn.


This link provides some info on mass transit.



See you all soon,



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