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Charlie Sheen has cluster headaches


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You beat me to it lol !!!!!!




Speaking about the time prior to his diagnosis, he said: "It started with a series of cluster headaches and sweating - I was hospitalised. I thought I had a brain tumour - after tests they said this was the situation. It's a hard three letters to absorb."




Surely he had clusters before his diagnosis??


(Yes, of course he did, and please dont call me surely again)



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This and Terrance Knighton with the Washington Redskins.....

Although I am not a fan of any sports unless it has wheels and a motor I am grateful he has spoken up.


I have reached out to Terrance personally and althought his response was brief, I am sure the line up of cluster heads reaching out is long.....


Whether you are Charlie Sheen, Terrance Knighton. Dan, Bob, me, you or anyone. We are all equals. No one is superior in this fight  and we all must support one another rich famous poor or whatever.


I am a tad disheartened and with no disrespect to Terrance or Charlie but sadly the public only gives a sh*t when someone famous is sick. 

We must not give up. We must continue to fight and reach out.


PF wishes all of you.

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