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Vitamin D help

Rogier Koning

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I hope someone can help me. I live in Spain and the Vitamin D I find is very expensive. I pay almost 4 euro's for a 2ml bottle with 25.000 UI

I've been looking online and found cheaper vitamin D but I can't order it because I don't live in the UK or United States.


found these on Amazon but I can't order them. And in spain I just can't find this dose for this prise and 4 euro's a day is the same as 120 euro's a month and thats a lot for me at the moment.



My question:


Is there somebody who can order me some packages of vitamin D and send them to me in seperate shippings? I will pay you upfront for the vitamin and shipping. I don't need to have these. If there are people that know about a better one  its allright by me. Just as long I stay under 4€ for 25.000ui


Thanks a lot

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