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Oxygen and Ringing in Ears?


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Hello to all forum members.

I appreciate if someone can answer the following questions. I'm from Barcelona and I can not see my specialist neurologist in Cluster until the end of August. I can only see a neurologist Social Security, he has no idea Cluster or oxygen ...
I am 36 years old, episodic every 1 or 2 years. For 1 or 3 months.
It is the first time I use oxygen, for a week. It's very, very effective. 15l Oxygeno 100% for 15 or 20 min.
The question: After 10 minutes of applying the oxygen I feel a buzz / acute ringing in both ears. This feeling is lengthened during the day and goes away and comes back. Someone had this effect with oxygen?
I'm taking Verapamil and removing Prednisone. And Sumatriptan injectable.
Thank you very much everyone for this valuable community is a place with lots of information and help.
Sorry for my english.
Thanks :)
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Welcome Nicolas (and your English is excellent!).  I'm glad you are getting good relief.  I can't answer your question anout the ringing in your ears, but I wanted you to know about this method for using less sumatriptan with each injection: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/2446-extending-imitrex/


You might reduce the time it takes to stop an attack with oxygen if you drink an "energy shot" (such as 5-Hour Energy) or "energy drink" (such as Red Bull) or even just a strong cup of coffee just before you start using the oxygen.  Also, this mask helps many stop their attacks more quickly: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=clustero2kit Maybe someone from Europe can say whether it is available there.


Best wishes for continued success.

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Thank you very much for your reply and information.

I'll try the three things you mention me. Regarding Sumatriptan, it would be great if with 3 mg is enough to stop the pain, for my health and my pocket (!). Prescription Social Security costs 11 € each Imigran (with two doses of 6mg), without prescription € 26
If it works, I'll explain here my experience.
Thanks and regards.
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I tried the "hacking" of Imigran / Imitrex.

This is my initial and personal experience, I have no medical knowledge and these comments are not valid indications.
It is important to do it with a syringe of the type used to inject insulin. Small and narrow to measure the dose well. With subcutaneous needle.
The first time I did it with a larger syringe and I could not measure either the amount.
I've done several tests and for the moment ... it works !!! 2mg (At this point I'm retiring Prednisone and introducing Verapamil).
In my case, 2mg takes longer to take effect and the process is slower. Not notice the pressure in the chest, as when 6mg. Another thing I've noticed is that with the injection of Imigran is a bit painful sometimes. With the syringe it is very comfortable. I've seen some shots of Imigran have enough air inside.
It is very hard to think that you have to endure so much pain if you do not have money.
Here, fortunately, the public Social Security, once it has served me a neurologist, gives me a recipe for a box of Imigran with a price of 11 € (2 x Sumatriptan injection 6mg) per day.
Sadly I think this will end soon. The public health system is being dismantled every year.
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Nicolas, sumatriptan should never be injected into a muscle, or a vein.  Take a big pinch of skin between your thumb and index finger and hold it. (Your thumb and forefinger should be about an inch and a half apart.) This pulls the fatty tissue away from the muscle and makes the injection easier.


You seem to be using a different method from the one recommended in the videos. In the "standard" way of doing this, you just use the syringe that's inside the injector, but diasable the autoinject, so you can push the sumatriptan out of the syringe with a device such as a Q-tip or pencil tip.  Here's another video illustrating that: 


I'm not saying there's anything wrong with what you're doing; I'm just suggesting that maybe it could be easier.

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Thank you for your comments.

When I say "the muscle", I am using a subcutaneous, short needle. In the upper arm as in the video that you show me.
I really do not know if I get to the muscle, much less a vein (never be made into a vein). It should be in adipose tissue. As you indicate, pinching the skin.
It is delicate to talk about this without knowledge. I'll delete that part of my commentary, to avoid generating confusion to others.
The advantage I see to do it in another syringe is to achieve precision to ensure the 2mg per dose, and not keep one last very short dose. Use the syringe that's is inside the injector is simpler and more aseptic. Maybe with practice can gain three doses.
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