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Home made food only and CH improvement


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HI, I've been testing and evaluating triggers and diets for the past 10 years or so for CH.

I think I 've found new major triggers for me that may help others.

I can say that multivitamin supplements and some other minerals and vitamins were  triggers.

Also any food from a can like a soup,

And with 100% certainty ,when in cycle any food bought from a restaurant or a dinner gives me CH 


Past 20 days I tested 15 days with home cooking and 6 dinners from the outside.

Every time I had dinner from a restaurant I triggered a CH

With home made meals I was getting a CH only every 3-4 days.

even today stupid me ,ordered pizza,,,ch followed in 5min,,,

I also take only VitD,MG,Omega,,,I think some vitamins in VitD reg, were causing a trigger too, I'm not sure which one yet.





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Thanks, john'.  Could you maybe copy and paste this at the "Triggers" thread over in the ClusterBuster Files section?  Every data point is valuable.

It is not likely that MSG is the culprit here (or the only culprit), since probably not every restaurant meal is going to have that in it.  I was taken, however, by your mention of canned soups (many of which are loaded with MSG) and pizza.  I have had my worst MSG reactions to pizza.  Some people think it's the cheese, which it can be, and also the tomatoes, but I have also learned that there are many places that put MSG in the sauce -- and toppings such as Italian sausage and pepperoni also commonly have MSG.

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