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CH Headaches for years


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I have had CH for over 16 years. I am now 66 and have had the worst session in my life the past 11 months. I thought that getting older the headaches would be gone. I have tried every type of treatment and medication. I have been to see civilian doctors and VA doctors. They now have me on so many meds to knock it out it is unreal. I hope this will work now! 3 headaches or more per day is getting old.

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I hope what you're doing now is going to help you.  But . . . .

Does "tried everything" include the vitamin D3 regimen that has helped hundreds of people (see the ClusterBuster Files section of this board)?  Does it include busting (see the numbered files in that same section)?  Is your oxygen system optimized -- high flow regulator, top-quality mask, best breathing strategies?  If you were on verapamil, was the dosage high enough -- 960mg/day or more -- to actually work?  Usually a mess of meds just creates a mess.

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