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Positive Thread-Keep it going !


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I believe we are all equals here. No one is better or worse. If you have survived one attack, it's one too many. I don't think anyone's resume is better than anyone else's in my opinion. Chronic or episodic. 

We as survivors have all had some very low dark days where we didn't want to be here. This thread isn't about the dark days because no one usually wants to talk about that. 

Id like to start a positive post thread OR positive tips and thoughts on what got us through it. What got us through those dark days, why we chose to fight another day.

I'm doing this thread in memory of those who lost their fight. I don't really want to emphasize on the bad. But the positive. Perhaps some of us out there are going through some really dark days, months and years right now and could use some encouraging words to uplift them and know that they can keep moving forward.

Let me start....and let's keep this going....and PLEASE be respectful of those with faith or without. It is what helped that person so let's not be judgemental. Speak wiith love.


Tomorrow is a new day, always remain positive no matter how bad it is, you have survived this far ! You are a warrior, a survivor and you matter. You are important, Have value and I am so glad you are here ~Tom T~


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