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thank you

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i did start taking topirmate one in the morning and one at night as opposed to both at once. And now I've 

also began taking magnesium, 4 250 tabs in the morning and a again in the evening.  I've been catching 

a break with my clusters! I don't know whether it's the topirmate or magnesium or the combination of both. 

But thank God and clusterbusters for the info on it because I learned through some of the threads on here 

about various vitamins that may help and through other research learned that low magnesium lead to low

25(OH) which is a major contributor to CH. My research suggested upping magnesium to 400-600mg a day,

(of course I overkilled that but for stooling reasons as well) can and will raise your 25(OH) level which will reduce

or actually subside your CH's. I also have used the 5 hour energy shots when they came on quickly and the shots

worked as y'all said they would, and for that...thank you.

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