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I hope they have this bit wrong Bob.......

However, with so many legal issues involved, it may be years before BOL can be sold on the market as a cluster headache treatment.

Maybe it should read......

However, because of the impact this new drug could have on the pharmaceutical companies future profit forecasts, it could be years before it is approved.....


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Well, in research and pharmaceuticals, everything is counted in years.

I'm actually glad they put it the way they did. Everyone should know that without pressure from the cluster community and doctors trying to treat them, it will take years. People need to know that we can't just sit back and let it happen and the more we push, the faster it will happen.

There are some ways of speeding things up but no one is going to make it easy.

Hopefully we'll get some funding and approvals for the next round of studies (soon) and go where ever we need to go to get this on the market. It may be quicker to get the initial approvals in Europe.

After that it would be difficult to keep approvals from happening in the States. Especially if americans are traveling overseas to spend their medical dollars.

So....you may be getting lots of yanks stopping in for a visit :-)


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