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Struggling after a move

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I recently moved from Texas to Alabama. In Texas I had a RX for oxygen and enjoyed several years with a reliable cheap oxygen supply. The move was pretty tough and I think due to the stress I entered a cluster just a couple weeks after I arrived. I initially dismissed it as a light cluster and assumed it would be gone quickly, but now I'm entering my second week of headaches and it seems to be escalating still.

In Texas I had 2 different doc-in-the-box doctors prescribe oxygen. In AL oxygen is considered an advanced therapy and requires a neurologist to prescribe. I'm not insured and with the COVID atmosphere getting into a general practitioner to even get a referral has been a nightmare. There's a walk-in GP about 30 minutes from me, but the two times I've tried to go they've been so clogged with what I assume is covid cases I can barely get in the door. Even then, every neurologist I've spoke with has been booked for months out.

I own 5 tanks and brought them with me, 2 still full. I'm down to my last half tank after using them incredibly sparingly. I'm looking into a welding cylinder tomorrow and am curious if anyone has any tips for using a welding tank versus a medical tank (do I need additional hardware to use my medical tank regulator?). I've heard its the same air quality, however they aren't cleaned as vigorously. Is nitrogen contamination something I need to worry about?

I'm also curious if anyone has any experience getting a prescription in Georgia, which I am only about 1.5 hours from. 

It's mind blowing that something that provides me with so much relief is kept under such rigorous lock and key. These front desk staff look at me like I'm some sort of drug addict or that I'm speaking Egyptian. 

Thanks for any help in advance, and I hope you all have pain-free weeks ahead of you.



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There's info in here: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5627-notes-about-welding-o2/

If your medical tanks are large ones ("M" size or larger) you won't need a new regulator.  You can look at the links within that post to see if what you have is the same as what is recommended.  Large medical tanks and ALL welding tanks use a CGA540 connection.

No one here has reported any health issues/bad reactions from welding tanks, and a lot of people use them.  Some people argue that since impurities will really mess up a welding job, welding O2 has to be at least as pure as medical.

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