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RC seeds for preventive therapy

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Hi everyone,

my name's Alex and I am italian and living in UK.

Sorry for my english.

I was introduced here by Bob some time ago.

I was chronic with 8 and more crisis per day. In the last months after I got shrooms, crisis decreased till nothing anymore after a dose of RC seeds too. After 7 years ZERO CRISIS. Really thanks to all of you who created this association.

Now what I would like to ask is if I can take RC seeds for preventive treatment before the attack will start again.

Another thing: in two years my work will send me to live in Canada; someone of you knows something about CH treatment there?

Thank you very much to all of you and


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Hi Alex,

Most folks maintenance-dose a couple of times a year. If you're comfortable with the shrooms, I'd suggest a small dose - say 1-1/2g-2.0g - every 4 months. If that works to keep the Demon at bay, try every 6 months. Then, once a year. The idea is to take as little as you can, as infrequently as you can, and still remain HA free. Of course, if once every 4 months doesn't work, increase to once every 3 months, etc. You're going to have to experiment on yourself; everybody's different. Good luck.


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This is what worked for me the last two cycles. I first busted with RC seeds a year ago in the middle of a cycle. It took 5 dosages from an initial 20 seeds, increasing the count each time to eventually 60. Each dose separated by 7 days. But it ended, what was for me, a bad cycle. Since then I did a preventative dose of 60 seeds when even the thought of another cycle entered my mind. Usually about every 2 to 3 months.

This most recent cycle was aborted, except for 'shadows', after 5 consecutive busts. I never got a real HA, just all the other stuff, which licorice root dealt with extremely well.

(At least I think it was aborted. All symptoms are gone for 2 weeks)

Hope this helps.

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