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  1. Thanks CHfather for your note-wow you have a great memory! He had tried oxygen before and felt it did literally-nothing. We never did try seeds, only mushrooms. They did help but they never broke the cycle-they just muted them a tad and caused a slight disruption to clusters, but no real break of more than a week. In the thick of the constant pain of 2014 the mushrooms were definitely a help. The clusters were SO bad and so constant that I think the Doctors were at their wits end with him and thats when the heavy duty demerol injectables we given-If I told you the amount he got up to during that time-you would be horribly shocked. It was great when he was cut off because he did start to improve a bit. Seroquel was introduced shortly after he cleaned that crap out of his system and when it kicked in 1-2 weeks later -His cluster cycle was almost completely and totally broken. Its practically almost one year without the poker-stick,screaming,puking,dying pain. So I wish others would please TRY it... and yes, I forgot to come back to tell you all..I bet this the problem. People take it and it works and start living and forget to update!! The side effects are not great. Moody/low sex drive. But well worth not having brain imploding pain I can't believe Im sitting in a rain storm, and my husband is happily working away. A simple rain cloud use to set him off for days.. We are SO MUCH BETTER!!
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