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  1. Well I have borderline personality disorder, pretty badly I might add. And I tripped on MM last night and can report I did not go insane or get crazier lol
  2. I have a prescription to treat borderline personality disorder with medical marijuana. This is what I have discovered in my experimenting over the past 6 months or so. Sativa when smoked doesn't help break a cycle for me, but can help ease the pain and shorten the headaches. Indica seems to help with the pain and helps relax a bit, but barely and not much else. HOWEVER.. I have found that an edible made with pure Indica, not a Hybrid, will break my cycle for a week or so at best..but that is a week without pain! Unfortunately the dispensary around here very rarely has any edibles made with pure Indica, it is usually a hybrid with sativa dominance. As far as triggers, I have never gotten a CH from smoking weed, and I've smoked it every day for over three years now.
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