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  1. Chicago, Illinois, Chronic Headache and Social Security Disability Lawyers Living with chronic headaches can be unbearable. Trying to work and handle daily job responsibilities with chronic headaches is often impossible. At the Des Plaines, Illinois, law firm of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd., we serve SSDI and SSI claimants in Chicago, Illinois and across the nation. We have effectively assisted many clients in pursuing successful Social Security Disability claims related to chronic headaches. A majority of all initial Social Security Disability claims are rejected. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has compiled a list of medical conditions that are so severe that a person who suffers the condition automatically qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, chronic headaches are not on that list. This means that almost all initial Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims involving chronic headaches are denied. We are committed to helping people suffering from debilitating headaches get SSDI or SSI benefits The mission of the law firm of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. is to provide effective, aggressive and compassionate legal services to people with disabilities seeking benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). We believe that by providing ethical representation within the framework of these government disability programs, we can successfully advocate for our clients. At the law firm of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, located in Des Plaines, Illinois, proudly serving clients in Chicago, Illinois, and across the nation in filing Social Security Disability claims, we are well informed about the implications of many complex medical problems,Â….. Some of the common types of headaches that can cause permanent disabilities defined by the SSA as a chronic condition that will "last or expected to last not less than 12 months or result in death" include the following: Tension-Type Headaches Migraine Headaches Chronic Cluster Headaches Hormone Headaches Chronic Progressive Headaches Hemiplegic Migraines Ophthalmoplegic Migraines Retinal Migraines Basilar Artery Migraines Abdominal Migraines Post-traumatic Headaches We speak regularly for free around the Chicago land community and have spoken on Social Security law topics nationwide for community groups, conferences, insurance carriers and health groups. We would be willing to talk to your group about scheduling a free seminar. http://www.rabinsslaw.com shocked
  2. It was on again last night Next Showing: Friday 26 February at 11:00PM Repeats: Saturday 27 February at 10:00PM http://natgeotv.com/uk/lsd-trip-to-hell/about National Geographic Channel is available on – Sky channel – 526, (HD – 543) Virgin - 230 (HD – 232) shocked
  3. LSD for the NHS? Science of the Mind BY Amanda Feilding (February 16, 2010) http://www.brainwaving.com/2010/02/16/lsd-for-the-nhs Quote - “Amanda Feilding, who created the Beckley Foundation to promote psychedelic research, said: “We want to open up these incredibly valuable compounds that have been used throughout history. We know LSD is non-toxic and non-addictive. The only way to overcome the taboo is by giving scientific explanations of how to use them beneficially.” Her efforts to restart research on LSD’s medical applications reflect a long-standing personal interest in the uses of the drug as well as a pledge she made on his death-bed to Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who first synthesised LSD in 1938 and died just two years ago, aged 102.” shocked
  4. TWiT Netcast Dr. Kiki's Science Hour 30: (January 19th, 2010) Neuropsycho- pharmacology - It's Trippy Medicine Hosts: Dr. Kirsten Sanford and Leo Laporte The latest research on psychedelic drugs like MDMA, LSD, and Salvia. Guest: Matthew Baggott, Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience at UC Berkeley http://www.twit.tv/kiki30 We get a mention (about halfway in) shocked
  5. Some info http://www.raubinandmegan.com/podcast.php Click - Thursdays Show, 2nd hour (Thursday 11th Feb 2010) "Raubin and Megan welcome Natalie McAnulla, owner of the Sacred Journey store in Lawrence, to the studio to tell of her recent experiences...which are outrageous." http://www.facebook.com/pages/Citizens-Against-Banning-Legal-Substances/455210590556?ref=ts http://www.ktka.com/news/2010/feb/05/k2-manufacturer-faces-trial http://www.ktka.com/news/2010/feb/12/sacred-journey-owner-plans-protest-rally-after-k2- http://yestok2.com/lets-rally http://yestok2.com/the-facts http://www.dosenation.com/listing.php?id=7097 http://www.kansan.com/news/2010/feb/04/police_officer_herbs http://www.pitch.com/2010-02-18/news/kansas-legislature-bans-k2-synthetic-marijuana/1 http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2010/feb/05/lawrence-man-charged-after-sacred-journey-investig http://media.lawrence.com/news/documents/2010/02/05/Sloan.pdf shocked
  6. Same documentary, with a different title for UK TV. http://natgeotv.com/uk/lsd-trip-to-hell LSD: Trip To Hell? reveals the medical powers of this controversial drug. LSD's inventor Albert Hofman called it "medicine for the soul." The Beatles wrote songs about it. Secret military mind control experiments sought to exploit its hallucinogenic powers. Outlawed in 1966, LSD became a street drug and developed a reputation as the dangerous toy of the counterculture, capable of inspiring either moments of genius, or a descent into madness. Now science is taking a fresh look at LSD including the first human trials in over 35 years, researchers are finding that this trippy drug could become the pharmaceutical of the future. LSD: Trip to Hell? reveals if this controversial drug can enhance brainpower, expand our creativity and even cure disease. Beloved by The Beatles and central to the 1960s counterculture, modern scientists are re-examining the potential medicinal benefits of LSD. Showing: Thursday 18 February at 9:00PM - National Geographic Channel Repeats: Friday 19 February at 12:00AM, and Sunday 21 February at 11:00PM shocked
  7. Great list, thanks Bob, I find this old stuff fascinating. I should get out more. HereÂ’s an interesting piece from 77 Treatment of phantom limb pain with sub- hallucinogenic doses of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) Headache17:118-119,1977 Fanciullacci ,Del Bene, Franchi, Sicuteri http://www.lycaeum.org/research/researchpdfs/2912.pdf
  8. Re - “Others yet to be announced” It seems our great leader is making an appearance. Good luck Bob. Also, Check out Rick’s Google tech talk - Mainstreaming Psychedelics (above) ~ there’s a hilarious bit when he “visions the future” of a post prohibition world (23:30) ~ “psychedelic clinics, google maps, mc doblins, phone apps, stores, night churches, dating”
  9. Hi ya Flash, Great to hear from you and that you are doing so well. Congratulation and well done to you and Arran for your “centre spread” in the Independent. It caused quite a stir eh! Thanks for what you did mate, :oben
  10. Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century April 15-18, 2010 San Jose, California Psychedelic Science will bring together international experts to present on psychedelic research and psychedelic psychotherapy topics for the largest conference dedicated solely to psychedelics in the U.S. in 17 years. There will be three full days of programming with concurrent tracks exploring clinical applications, issues relevant to healthcare professionals, and social and cultural issues surrounding the therapeutic and recreational uses of psychedelics. Conference workshops with Stanislav Grof, M.D., Rick Doblin, Ph.D., Michael Mithoefer, M.D., Annie Mithoefer, B.S.N., Alex and Allyson Grey, David Nichols, Ph.D., Franz Vollenweider, M.D., Ralph Metzner, Ph.D Speakers Matt Baggott, Ph.D. Candidate, (UC Berkeley, LSD, MDMA, MDA, Salvia Divinorum researcher) Jose Carlos Bouso, Psychologist, Ph.D. Candidate (Spain, MDMA/PTSD researcher) Alicia Danforth, Ph.D. Candidate (ITP, UCLA psilocybin researcher) Peter Gasser, M.D. (Switzerland, LSD/end-of-life anxiety researcher) Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. (JHU, psilocybin/mystical experiences researcher) Charles Grob, M.D. (UCLA, psilocybin/cancer anxiety researcher) John Halpern, M.D. Presenting by live video link (Harvard, neurocognitive consequences of ecstasy) Julie Holland, M.D. (NYU School of Medicine, psychiatric emergency services) Sergio Marchevsky, M.D. (Israel, MDMA/PTSD researcher) John Mendelson, M.D. (CPMC Research Institute, LSD, MDMA, MDA, Salvia Divinorum researcher) Francisco Moreno, M.D. (Psilocybin/OCD researcher) Peter Oehen, M.D. (Switzerland, MDMA/PTSD researcher) Ingrid Pacey, M.D. (Canada, MDMA/PTSD researcher) Torsten Passie, M.D., Ph.D. (Germany, psilocybin research) Jordi Riba, M.D. (Spain, ayahuasca researcher) William Richards, Ph.D. (JHU, psilocybin/cancer anxiety researcher) Stephen Ross, M.D. (NYU, psilocybin/cancer anxiety researcher) Ben Sessa, M.D. (UK, psilocybin researcher) Andrew Weil, MD, - by live video. (Integrative medicine, introducing new approaches to medicine without backlash) Michele Weitz, B.A. (U.S., Clinical Research Expert) Amanda Feilding, (Director of The Beckley Foundation) Frank Echenhofer, Ph.D. (California Institute of Integral Studies) Earth and Fire Erowid (founders of erowid.org) Carolyn Garcia, aka Mountain Girl Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D. (Author, Psychotherapist) James Fadiman, Ph.D. (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) Tom Pinkson, Ph.D. (Psychotherapist) Thomas Roberts, Ph.D. (Northern Illinois University) Others yet to be announced Mainstreaming Psychedelics: From FDA to Harvard to Burning Man Google Tech Talk Presented by Rick Doblin, Ph.D., Executive Director MAPS. We're now in the midst of a worldwide renaissance in psychedelic research, after decades of political suppression. Scientists from around the world will present their new findings at the largest psychedelic conference to take place in the US in 17 years, on April 15-18, 2010, in San Jose, CA http://tinyurl.com/ygqzupo (youtube) We get a brief mention 35minutes in. Some of the eminent speakers mentioned above take part in this - Entheogen, awakening the divine within. (Critical mass productions) Psychedelic gurus gather to share arcane knowledge (in 7 parts) http://tinyurl.com/yeu4pfh (youtube, part 1 of 7) Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair shocked
  11. Tall, Hazel eyes, Deep vertical head crease’s, Ruddy complexion, Full head of hair and Lion and the lamb syndrome! Interview with Dr. G. Freitag, Associate Director of the Diamond Headache Clinic, "Cluster Headache Often Mistaken for Nasal, Sinus, or Ocular Condition" February 18-22, 2008 At the Headache Research Summit presented by the Diamond Headache Clinical Research and Education Foundation Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. http://tinyurl.com/ybz2q3d (youtube) He mentions a “facial thingy”, anyone know what it is? Shocked
  12. shocked

    O2 masks

    People who suffer from cluster headaches will do anything to ease the pain, and it turns out the remedy could be simple. Hope, Treatment For Cluster Headaches KOCO tv Oklahoma City OXYGEN BRINGS RELIEF FOR CLUSTER HEADACHE by Jean Enerson King 5 News Evidence for a drug-free way to stop cluster headaches "This study is important because it offers patients with cluster headache a safe, effective treatment that they can use on multiple occasions that will give them good pain relief for their appalling headaches," said Peter J. Goadsby http://www.king5.com/health/Oxygen-brings-relief-for-cluster-headaches--79139022.html The study appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shocked
  13. Arran is “a really amazingly together guy, who always knows where his towel is!”
  14. Arran talks to Virginia Prescott on New Hampshire Public Radio - Word of Mouth LSD as Therapy By Virginia Prescott on Tuesday, November 17, 2009. http://www.nhpr.org/node/27922 Your attorney probably won’t recommend a dose of whatever’s in that brown bottle, but your doctor might. The medical and psychological community is studying hallucinogenics with renewed interest. The journal Neurology recently reported that LSD can be more effective than migraine medication for treating cluster headaches….. Arran Frood has been investigating the mental health community’s acceptance of hallucinogens for the Telegraph UK and joins us on the line now from England with more on the mental health community’s renewed interest in hallucinogenic drugs. Previously on NHPR Tripping Out At Harvard By, Virginia Prescott June 12,08. http://www.nhpr.org/node/16339 Until this past February, when Dr. John Halpern began administering MDMA, better known as the club drug Ecstasy, to dying cancer patients. He got started by researching the use of peyote in Native American religious rituals. Now he’s hoping Harvard will approve testing on the medical prospects for LSD for treating cluster headaches. Freelance writer Peter Bebergal is based in Cambridge, Mass., and wrote about the new wave of psychedelic-drug research for the Boston Phoenix. Article from the Boston Phoenix News - Will Harvard drop acid again? Psychedelic research returns to Crimsonland By Peter Bebergal | June 9, 2008 http://thephoenix.com/Boston/News/62230-Will-Harvard-drop-acid-again Quote - “The idea for the LSD study came from an unexpected place. Because of his reputation as one of the few above-ground researchers dealing with hallucinogens, Halpern was contacted by a young man who suffered from cluster headaches, who also found a great deal of long-term relief when he used psilocybin and LSD. According to Halpern, cluster headaches are one of the most painful conditions known in medicine — a gruesome illness. Sufferers have described it as an ice pick slowly and insidiously boring through one’s eye and into one’s skull. The afflicted have been known to bang their heads against a wall and pull their hair out. “People anthropomorphize it,” says Halpern. “They call it the devil.” Through Internet research, Halpern found a large community of cluster-headache sufferers who had learned, on their own, that hallucinogens could interrupt their attacks. The individuals, mostly members of cluster-headache support groups, had independently discovered that they all used LSD and psilocybin to self-medicate. They had tried to get the attention and backing of neurologists, in an effort to lend credibility to their claims. But, because of what Halpern called the rigmarole of doing research with these drugs — given all the federal hoops through which one has to jump — their efforts and pleas were ignored. They eventually found Halpern, and he and a number of other researchers managed to interview 53 cluster-headache sufferers who had taken hallucinogens. In a paper published in 2006 in the journal Neurology, Halpern noted that no other medication was known to stop cluster headaches. And yet a little acid or some magic mushrooms seemed to do the trick. Now their hope is to get approval from the FDA, and for McLean Hospital to actually administer LSD to cluster-headache sufferers. One of the principal researchers in the preliminary cluster-headache project, Dr. Andrew Sewell, thinks that this study is unlike any other. “You can find 50 people on the Internet who will claim anything,” says Sewell, “but to get a control group like this showed that a clinical trial is viable.” I suggest to Halpern that, for a researcher looking to conduct LSD experiments, it is mighty serendipitous that the cluster-headache group would come along. There is a paisley-speckled chicken-and-egg question: is Halpern trying to do research with hallucinogens or is he trying to help people with cluster headaches? “It’s about legitimate science,” he says. “Patients that are enrolled in a research study deserve no less….” Shocked
  15. Hi ya Kate, Hi ya Carl mate, Its on youtube Its in five parts HereÂ’s part 2 ~ (with ChuckÂ’s bit) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhgFrZpRunI shocked
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