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  1. My first CH was about 12 years ago, hit me in the middle of the night like a sledgehammer, like so many i thought it was life threatening and was very scared, the pain was like nothing i had experienced before, painkillers did nothing. `however it was short lived and had no more for a few years til they came back and like many others again thought it was sinus problems, even the docs thought sinus so the meds i had were useless, only 18 months ago the doc agreed it sounds like CH's. It has now been confirmed by the neuro hospital it is CH. I had never heard of cluster headaches til my GF (used to be a nurse) said it sounds like CH, then i searched the net and sure enough i had the symptoms. Why i have them and what triggers them I have no idea
  2. Hi all, once I understand all the abbreviations i may make some progress, had CH's for several years now, in a cycle right now, hopefully its at its peak because they really are running me down, most people i know have no idea what they are like, only those that have seen me at my worst understand. I've been referred to the neuro hospital in london, having an MRI in the next few weeks, been on steroids (had 2 weeks PF) then as the dose went down...Bang back with avengence, also on Verapamil 120mg 3 times a day increasing every 2 weeks, also Sumaptriptan which do work if i take soon enough, if not equals agony...also have adcal d3 which don't seem to help but were prescribed with the steroids. this cycle has been going on for over 3 months now affecting my work as i have lost a lot of time off work. I just wish they would go away! But I'm learning more and more thanks to this site Del
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