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    Something is working

    just like to add that should the clusters return i will be seeking out an iv ketamine infusion as it seems to be doing the job on those who have received it, trouble is, when i showed my doctor some printed evidence she turned round and said " but thats in the usa and you know what they are like?" how damn insulting is that? it works you daft b..ch! does anyone on here live in uk like me and have had any luck with your own doctor regarding this treatment? would be interested in any replies.
  2. thebushman

    Something is working

    tucker i wanted to be the first to steal your word Bastardized,class, couldnt have described it any better! ;D on a serious note though im purely taking mms cause of other illnesses as well and the sh.. loads of meds the doctors have thrown at me in recent years, im already feeling slightly better, my clusters have stopped but could have done anyway and people have commented that i look well! just got that horrible verapamil to taper off and i will be drug free, the first time in 11 years plus
  3. thebushman

    Something is working

    www.themiraclemineralsupplement.com check this out tingleling, its worth a read hope it helps someone at least.
  4. thebushman

    Something is working

    glad to hear that an antioxidant is working for you, i have been thinking along the same lines and have started to take mms (Â miracle mineral solution ) its track record is unbelievable and has helped lots of so called incurable illnesses its well worth checking out, believe, has anyone else tried it?
  5. thebushman

    ** Totally FREE & effective cure found **

    well you learn something new every day ;D
  6. thebushman

    The need for a laugh thread

    read on here somewhere what the abbreviation PMD could possibly stand for, well here in the uk it stands for PHYSLOBIN MUSHROOM DEALER ;D
  7. thebushman

    busting with amt

    thanks ricardo and that hurts, was pleased to here your views, think i will go cold turkey with the sumatriptan and stay close to my oxygen. I to was amazed that amt is legal especially with the 2 unfortunate deaths on it, although i believe it may have been mixed with ecstacy.
  8. thebushman

    busting with amt

    forgot to mention i also take 720mg of verapamil, 75mg amitriptlyine and use sumatriptan 20mg nasal spray and oxygen to abort attacks. I found that i could stop all my headaches by taking sumatriptan nasal spray 3 times a day before attacks were due but my neurologist says i shouldnt do that its very dangerous, but its the only thing that has worked in 11 years of suffering. Is it really that dangerous and has anyone found that it works for them?
  9. thebushman

    busting with amt

    im new to this site and was wondering if anyone has busted with amt and more importantly what dose would be needed, also i have just been put on methysergide which is helping a lot. Would it be dangerous to mix amt with methysergide?