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  1. Thanks for the tips Purple. I can usually abort at the beginning of an attack drinking multiple red bull cans real fast and doing push-ups (for whatever reason, that seemed to abort them last cycle). That just isn't working this time around. I know what you mean about the shadow remaining, I've been getting that too. I am going to try and get some oxygen prescribed. Hopefully that will do the trick.
  2. I was just wondering, from episodic suffers, do your cluster attacks come at the same time every year? I had chronic cluster headaches for a long time and now they just show up in mid August thru September. It also seems like each individual attack lasts longer now, for example I had a brutal 3 hour cluster headache last night! 3 frickin hours of insane amounts of pain ... 45 minutes is bad enough.
  3. Finding out about the use of energy drinks to combat cluster headaches pretty much changed my life. It really does work for me too.
  4. White Sox fan here. Disappointing start to the season.
  5. Not being able to drink is tough. Seems like everyone drinks and most social events include/revolve around alcohol. I haven't drank in a pretty long time. If I am feeling any shadows, it's pretty much a sure thing I will get a really bad CH attack if I drink any alcohol. Next time I am shadow free for a few days I am going to try a redbull and vodka and see what happens.
  6. Yea, I totally agree. Thanks for the links.
  7. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely work on getting some O2. I'm really starting to get a new outlook on things. Some hope.
  8. Work can be brutal for me during a cycle. I have suffered from CH for about 15 years, but the past 4 years I have had very long and exceptionally hard hitting cycles. I work in an office and there is no where to hide when I get hit. To abort I have used imitrex or other medications. During a really bad cycle, the meds start to make me so sick I just take the weekend and get hit all weekend and took no medication. It's brutal. Basically, my main goal is to avoid hits at work at all costs. If I do get hit at work I get out of the building or just suck it up at my desk and wait for sweet relief and hope the height of pain doesn't last over an hour. Recently I have been using redbull and a supplement mix of magnesium, melatonin, b2, and additional tourine. So far so good too! I wish I had known about this technique earlier. I just worry that it will start to lose it's effectiveness :-[  Seems too good to be true.
  9. Hey everyone, totally new to the board; but unfortunately a long time CH sufferer. This board is great, by the way. Energy drinks have worked really well for me this cycle. I didn't even know about this solution until I read about it on an old clusterheadaches.com message board thread. I have also been trying taking magnesium , melatonin, b2, and additional taurine supplements. Does anyone know why a Dr wouldn't prescribe O2? seems like the perfect solution if it is effective.
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