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  1. one here in confrence but two of us coming to chicago from uk
  2. tingeling are you going on 14th aswell as we are flying out of heathrow on that day so we could hook up in chicago
  3. i nearly have all flights booked and my hotel is already booked see you guys there
  4. hi guys im from the uk . i am hoping to attend your confrence in the uk . money and head allowing hoping to get some multiple cranial nerve blocks start of sept (pre booked ) so head will make the journey. i can sort my flight out but need details of hotel and price so i can get all this covered as on a tight budget. anyone else coming from the u.k if so we can fly out together support each other on flight ect. looking forward to meeting the guys i speak to online . if you want to talk or let me in on a cheap way of staying in america for the confrence you can get me on facebook name is GRAHA
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