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  1. damiano

    Happy birthday, Purple404

    Happy birthday purp. I hope it is a pf day. Stay young.
  2. damiano

    Newbie in cycle

    So you managed to avoid a CH all day - What happened when you went to sleep? Did you get woken up by the beast? During the day at work when I get shadows I drink a crap load of Red Bulls and take very fast paced walks. It helps a little.
  3. damiano

    n00b here!

    Can I ask you a personal ? - You said that for about the past 3 years you have been episodic and they usually last for about 3 weeks. But you said that this one is going on 5 weeks now. The ? I have for you is how old are you? I am just wondering this because most of us started in our early 20's (some before that age and some later after their 20's) but the norm seems to be around 20 or so when these rear their ugliness. I am only asking you this now to try to help you better so you can be more prepared in the future. Mine started in my early 20's maybe before that but I didnt know what they were and my folks told me it was sinus related due to allergies. I am telling you this because as I have gotten older (40 now) the cycles have become more frequent for me and hit even harder (maybe I am just too damn old for the pain now lol) . I am not trying to scare you - just trying to prepare you for what you might be in store for. Mine used to come every 4 years, then every other year I get one cycle for about 2 months then the following year I get 2 cycles in one year and those are the worse. Again not trying to scare you or anything just trying to make sure you are prepared to fight this damn beast the best you can. Most of us keep a diary - My neuro had me do this from day one - mine goes back a long ways and looking back at it the other day after finding it - I am amazed at all the different dope the doc's had me on lol... It sounds like you have a pretty good guage on when they come and go and for how long already. I suffered for a very long time and recently gave busting a try - going on 3 weeks now pf!!! Good luck !
  4. damiano

    Symptoms symptoms symptoms

    No light issues for me or noise really - Heck if it was just a kip 2 I could eat too lol.....
  5. damiano

    Anyone's doctor on board about busting?

    Hey Purp, Guess what shirt I had on when I saw my Neuro - Pink Floyd Pulse shirt lol - he asked if I knew who syd was in fact. I too think he was trying to scare me away from it. I laughed when he told me that. I knew many kids in high school that would take hits of it all the time and one is a surgeon now lol..... It is true the bi Rx companies have helped many people, but I am in the medical field per say and there is a saying that PX companies dont really adhere to but the hospitals are sure held to it - its called people over profit lol..... something I think they forgot - otherwise i dont think i would see so many tv commercials trying to get people to take all their drugs, i love the side affects that they have to read off too - however i bet there is another drug they make to counter that side affect lol.....I dont know when the last time we actually cured an element in the world where we actually solved it and cured it such as polio. I think all RX does now and some docs too is treat the symptoms and not cure the cause. Sorry I am bitter to some of them as you might be able to tell lol...
  6. damiano

    New to the site. Thanks for all the help already!

    Yeah, I thought about that. My wife has an important job that I wouldn't dare sacrifice by growing my own in the house, so Im going to have to find a reliable consistent source. Thanks for the tips! Just being honest with you - I too have a high profile type of a job - if they only knew - but i would rather grow my own meds to be on the safe side, it takes very little room and isnt out on the open. no odors etc... its not like growing weed lol.... it would be rare to get caught growing them in my opinion unless you are advertising it to the world on craigslist or something lol.... but yes find a reliable source. where are you located by the way. send that to me via pm....
  7. damiano

    Anyone's doctor on board about busting?

    This is an interesting thread for sure. My last Neuro (well known in my area fro CH) told me to do it lol.... He said have you ever heard of LSD or LSA I told him yes to the LSD, and he sent me to a website , cant remember which one it was (not this one tho) and told me to consider it. My new neruo never has heard of this or using nitroglycerin to induce a cycle, I mentioned this to him and he said oh there might be a lot of complication with that method , i asked what and he said I would end up like syd barret form Pink floyd in a padded room not being able to hold my own urine. I told him that I wasnt going to but just wanted his take on it. Needless to say once we got in the car to leave his office I ripped up the Rx for stadol and indomethacin and the pre auth for as much trex as I want for insurance to pay for - went home continued to slam red bulls while I was detoxing and then acquired fungal medication and started busting the next day - then again 4 days later then again 5 days later - and have not had any issues, I can still hold my pee. What bothers me is that when I am in the waiting room for this guy and there are 5 sales reps from the pharmaceuticals companies sitting there trying to get in to push new medications - yet something so natural that has been growing out of this earth for 1000's of years is deemed bad for you. Why is this - is it because pharmaceutical companies cant really patent a natural growing fungus? I have been pain free now for almost 4 weeks and have no hesitation on telling my Neuro during my follow up in April. I just don't care. In fact I have been thinking about just cancelling the appointment all together. They called me the other day and asked how I was doing and I said I have managed to break my cycle and doing great. The next day a call again and she said the doc was curious as to how you know your cycle is gone and how did you break the cycle. I said I will talk to him about it during my appointment.
  8. damiano

    New to the site. Thanks for all the help already!

    By the way - our profiles sound somewhat similar - I was episodic and still am but as I get older the cycles get closer - I went form every 4 years - to every other year - to now yearly. Strange cycles too- one cycle one year and then 2 cycles the next year. The 2 cycle year is the worst pain for me. But as I get older they hurt more and come more frequent. I hope I am not going chronic but I think there is a 50/50 chance of this for me anyway.
  9. damiano

    New to the site. Thanks for all the help already!

    Do this: If you are sure the fungus cookies are legit - ***make sure you have detoxed off of all meds*** ** Make sure you read the files section, I didn't (well I scanned read them ) and then I wished I would have so I would have known what to expect the next day with a slap back** Step 1. Load iPod with a good play list Step 2. Prep room with low lighting and no sounds (background sounds bug me while Im trippin) Step 3. Have a light dinner - (chicken and rice) not too much Step 4. Wait an hour or more after eating dinner - then go pee Step5. Eat a cookie and check what time it is Step 6. Wait 20 to 30 minutes to see how you feel - you might feel stoned almost - you may even start laughing at dumb things and the lights become more vivid and a little brighter. Step 7. If you are not feeling it after about 25 minutes or so , I would personally eat half of another one, maybe the entire thing. Step 8. Pop headphones in ears and go lay down and relax to the music - warning tho - you might keep playing the same song over and over again lol... Step 9. get a good nights rest for the most part. Step 10. and finally go to the store the next morning and get about 6 red bulls - you will need them for the incredible "slap Back" you will experience about a day later (for me anyway). If you have O2 keep it ready and on standby. It will more than likely be one big ass kip 8 or 10 , the worst you have ever had in your life and it will hang for a while - perhaps the longest one you have ever had. Step 11. Wait to see how you feel over the next 3 to 5 days to determine if you will need to dose again - you will know - you can feel it - it is either still with you or it isnt - you will have small shadows maybe, possibly about 3 to 5 days later you will start to have them again - time to re-dose. The problem I see with your cookies is this - 1. you don't know how much was put into one cookie 2. you don't know if one cookie has 1 gram or 2 grams in it so it is going to be hard to gauge the dose this way. I once heard that cooking shrooms into foods might take away some of the potency as well, so you may find yourself eating all of them up and you might trip, but do you have enough to trip again when you will need to dose again? Personally I think that once you go down this path you cant look back at the pharmaceuticals or you will blow this treatment plan and it wont work then you are back having to detox again if you are able to get more cookies or fungus. Very painful - I would rather only do this one time. One more thing - For me this has been a miracle for some as you see on here - it might not work - but you will never know if you never try it. For me the verapamil wouldn't work anymore and neither would the trex. But I caution you to make sure your meds are legit and good quality and the next time try to get them in raw form so you know the dose - it makes it easier to gauge somewhat how much you are taking in. Also make sure you are in a good state of mind before ingesting - it would suck to have a bad trip and scare you away from using this method if it works because you were in a bad state of mind at the time of your trip. Think positive - this is going to work - you can almost feel the beast leaving your noggin - for me this took 3 doses. Be patient and remember to read the cluster files section - it lays it all out - you can also PM me and there are others on here that you can PM or ask questions to - I am still a rookie and there are some get veterans on here that will help you. Tony
  10. damiano

    Nitroglycerin fecking SUCKS..

    I wonder if this is why I started a cycle out of nowhere. My cycle doesn't usually hit until this summer. My grandma had a heart attack 4 weeks ago - I went to the hospital to see her - the unit she was in is what this hospital calls Heart ICU unit or as they have it on the walls HICU - I was there for about 3 hours and on my way home boom I started to shadow. I wonder if this crap was in the air and I was breathing it in. I also was thinking that it could just be me too - my chemicals and body changing now that I am older. Just a thought. I do know that my cycles have started to come once a year now rather than every other year and before that it was every 4 years - so maybe it is just me changing but the coincidence is there. I even mentioned this to my Neuro and he said he had never heard of that before - putting someone in a cycle using nitro - my wife pipped up and said it is well documented. So maybe? Who knows if it is floating around in a HICU or not - I do know that the patient next to her room started to get have issues and brought in a machine that looked like an asthma nebulizer. Who knows - maybe im just trippin - speaking of which it took 3 doses and I am in the clear I think. I hope you feel better and I am glad to hear your heart is ok. My grandma ended up passing away last week and it was heart related, I also found out my grandad passed form a heart attack and colon cancer at the ripe age of 40 - I just turned 40 - my mom also has bad blood pressue. So even more reason for me to stay away from trex and verapamil I guess. I hope you feel better!
  11. damiano

    Odin, history and greeting

    Lol thanks Ron...
  12. damiano

    Odin, history and greeting

    Odin, I hope things get better for you really soon. I was in the exact same position you are in now about 3 weeks ago. I will admit that I too can be a real a%#hole to be around when in cycle. In fact that is what led me to here. My wife, my kids, co-workers, could see the change in my personality big time and would tell me I am a grouch and so many times I wanted to turn around and say to them why don't you try to live off of 1 hour of sleep for 8 weeks and then tell me how you feel. Never the less, I used to come to this site and look at it and read the stories here. I didn't give this much thought at first in the past. However now that I have gotten plenty older and the cycles are coming more frequently than ever before and hit harder like never before, I decided to take this plunge. Here I am writing to you today to tell you that this works. A few weeks back I could no longer take it any more and decided to give it a go. After the very first dose, I was amazed at how well this started to work, there have been some small setback along the way one of them is known as a "slap Back", it is not really a setback but an expected result for most of us after out first dose. It was the worst one I have ever had and it lasted for damn near 3 hours. Since then a few shadows and such and I actually did have to dose again last week, but I am actually at work now and haven't missed a day since my first dose. I am actually able to sleep all the way through most nights now. I thought to myself there comes a point when all the meds that the doc's put us on being used off label cannot be healthy for us at all. It was scary for me all of the meds I have been on with a family history of heart issues. In fact my grandmother passed away Friday night from complications due to heart attacks. So I became very wary when I went for my last EKG and the doc cut the verapamil in half because of my heart and I am a pretty healthy guy actually. So it was scary for me to continue on the meds. I came here and have been welcomed and the people on here are like another family. They have guided me into a state of being PF for a few weeks now and have not led me down the wrong path yet. I do have a few regrets - and that was not reading everything on here and I mean everything - the cluster buster files will be good for you to read. The other regret I have was not being open minded about this years ago when I first saw this and just suffered through the pain, The other reason I decided to do this was seeing Dan on the National Geographic program. I dint care if it was against the law any more or not, I could no longer take the pain. I started a thread to chronicle my journey with this and it is a link called "I started busting last night". I think when you get to the point where the pain is so bad and you feel like drilling a hole in your head or putting a bullet in it, and you are starting to lose those around you, then being open minded to alternative treatments might be a good way to go. I hope you feel better soon. If you can and are willing to end the pain - I would certainly tell anyone I come across that suffers from this, to give it a try. If nothing else you will know if this med is for you. If you are willing to give this a go and can acquire the proper meds - there are many people on here that will help guide you and give great advice. By the way, I haven't had any pharmaceuticals in about 4 weeks now!!!
  13. damiano

    I started Busting Last Night

    Good luck purp - me too I get strange at the base of my neck. I too get the reminders lol.... I too really believe that so far with each dose I get better. I am going to more than likely dose tomorrow again. Good luck purp !
  14. damiano

    I started Busting Last Night

    Update - I dosed again Thursday night. It was okay but the next day on Friday night I was woken up by a shadows every few hours, as soon as I would fall asleep boom I would be woken by one, they didn't last that long maybe 10 - 15 minutes, but then I had what I will consider to be a major slap back, about an hour after the last deep shadow I had a terror of a slap back that lasted for about an hour and since then nothing. I think I may need to dose once more to kill it off for good. But for the last few days all has been pretty quiet and PF.
  15. damiano

    beer test

    lol, I am always the designated driver, I stay away from any kind of alcohol even when not in a cycle because I fear what comes after I consume a tiny amount of any kind of alcohol, I just don't ever want to tempt it. I like to drink occasionally but as I have gotten older I fear the beast will return. There are even times that if my wife uncorks a bottle of merlot and I am next to it during a cycle it seems to bring on shadows for me. I am currently trying to bust this cycle - but if I were to have a sip or even get my nose down into a wine glass of red wine right now, I would be on the floor or running in circles. For me about 2 minutes after alcohol consumption I am going to get a hit. It is different for other I think, but I am pretty sure it is a trigger for the majority of us. I used to test myself to see if I was out of a cycle or not by having a dark beer, I would know within 5 minutes or less. There have been other times that I had a beer and later that night I would get shadows. It is the true test for me to see if a cycle has ended or not, but again I try to never tempt it now a days. I dont know about others but that is how I am.