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  1. And in case you hadn't met Ryan or Paul yet... they'd be glad to be contacted if you wish to talk to them In their own words Ryan Paul
  2. If PCguy would contact us privately and engage with us about the negative consequences of the surgery he experienced we will write these consequences up and publish them in a medical journal as a case report. On my honour I have gone into dodgy parts of JHB to buy shrooms for patients in the past. I also tried to get the South African Medicine Controls Council to allow a study but they refused. We all do what we can
  3. I didn't come here asking people to listen. There was a post made about us which was brought to my attention and I offered a response which I believe is fair Two things we haven't done on anyone Riccardo 1) Brain surgery. We have never performed brain surgery on anyone ever. We don't recommend any kind of brain surgery for CH. The surgery we perform is on the terminal branches of the external carotid artery. Here's a picture of some of these tiny vessels located just under the skin. The internal maxillary artery which runs close to the sphenopalatine ganglion and is the subject of the case reports we published in the American journal of maxillo facial surgeons is one of these tiny vessels (not visible in the pic) and is no where near the brain http://media.wix.com/ugd/80912a_aa7a1359350196c11f3732512db3ff2a.pdf 2) We don't use the word "cure" because its scientifically complicated. We can't stop patients using it when they believe it though I would certainly consider refunding pcguy Riccardo. I couldn't refund the entire amount as we can't pay for the opportunity to try and heal people when we fail, but we can make sure we don't make a profit. We've been through our records and can't identify who PCguy is. Obviously I'm not suggesting he post his personal details but if he would contact us privately and afford us the opportunity to try and make this right by him we would be deeply grateful Regarding Dr R... <<edited by FunGuy comments were inappropriate & incorrect.>>
  4. Check out two chronic clusters this year Laurence Adenan - Deborah Zale - Its better for us to treat chronics because when you generate a permanent result in a chronic you know its not just the cycle that ended. As i've said before... we do fail. This is not a silver bullet. But we do succeed too sometimes. Deb Zale refused to leave till she was better. 52 days...
  5. In their own words... Laurence Adenan - Deborah Zale -
  6. Hi Didgens we do fail sometimes... but we do succeed sometimes. The more we go on, the more we learn, the less we fail...
  7. Dear pcguy, I am so sorry to hear this. I'm Dr Shevels son and I know there is NOTHING he and we will not do to make this right. He is not a quack. But he is not God either. So he DOES FAIL sometimes! When he fails he lies awake at night, he gets angry and irritable, he suffers, not like you do, but he suffers. Sleepless nights, not like yours, but sleepless nights. Please would you give him the opportunity to make this right with you. Its not about the money, we make money from healing people not from their suffering. And we have to, we receive no finance or subsidy or grant. We are financed by our patients and we're now the biggest migraine research centre by patient flow in the world. And still we DO FAIL sometimes In the meantime please meet Deb Zale, Chonic cluster from New York and Lawrence Adonan, chronic cluster from Australia. Deb took 52 days to get right... The Doctor from South Africa was another failure of ours. There will be more failures and more successes. And the the more we go on the more we learn and the less failures there will be. Bostonheadachedoc... <<edited by FunGuy, comments were incorrect and could be considered demeaning>>
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