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  1. Hello Jerry,

    I think that SS Disability in order to get Medicare is a very important issue.

    It took me four long years of denials and appeals to finally get approved.

    I'm sure a lot of people quit in disgust after the first or second denial. That is by design.

    The SS Administration is betting those that apply will die or give up during a deliberately designed lengthy approval process.

    See you guys next week


  2. Good one Jeebs.

    Some may get tired of me saying it, but Occipital Facet Blocks DO work for me 100%.

    Months of relief.

    This is NOT a run of the mill occipital nerve block. O

    I am sedated, strapped down and the shot is done under fleuroscopy. It is actually in the lower part of the neck.

    I highly recommend it. I can't explain it any other way, IT WORKS FOR ME

  3. I saw your balloon pic on Facebook and didn't know anything about Jacob.

    Now I do, so very sorry for you and his family.

    Nothing I can say will help, but if I could say anything at all that might help, I wish I could come up with the words to take the pain away.

    My deep condolences Bob


  4. Didgens, please PM me your phone # and I will send you a picture of the band aids on my neck showing the exact needle placement.

    It damn sure worked for several weeks.


    Ps. cHF sent me instructions on how to post a pic on this site, but I'm not as smart as CHFather :)

  5. I was given sansert by an angel.... Thank you Cindy

    I was totally PF after the very first 1mg capsule. I take 2mg per day.

    Just so folks know it works. I KNOW, everything works differently for different people, but I've never had the instant relief from anything. Even mushrooms took 5 doses.

    One pill and no more headaches for me. So far anyway. It's been two weeks...

  6. If I'm ever north of the border, I would very much enjoy meeting you CHS. My buddy Doug lives in your country, as well as Whooligan too.

    I would love to visit Canada and it is on my bucket list  :)

  7. Thanks for the thanks.


      I sure wish I could. Maybe a super sedative but that would probably interfere with the " program"

    I would like to take my meds and have Michael Jackson's doctor sedate me. I would like to wake up though  :D

  8. Things are getting much better. No headache at all the last FOUR DAYS and no attacks at night in three weeks or so.

    One situation: the muscle on the left side of my neck is now responsible for holding my head up. It has hurt and Charlie horsed a time or two. I just have to be careful and hold my head straight up as to not overuse the muscle...if that makes sense.

    I painted a room in my house, big mistake  :(

    Otherwise, 100% pain free for several days... 100% zero shadow


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