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  1. Haha. I remember you saying something but can't remember now what it was.

    I bet Racer will consider the source ;D

    I have threatened before to kick your ass BB :)

  2. Someone else said it first, but I'll repeat it.

    Weed doesn't make me hurt less; it just makes it where I don't care as much that I hurt.

    I don't smoke much but I enjoy a nice toke to start the morning off.

    It is really bad for my already bad short term memory so I am avoiding it more lately.

    As far as headaches go: it has no effect, one way or the other for me. Just a relaxant and much safer than Xanax and other medications. IMO

    Alcohol is OUT for me Damnit. No way, no how. Never. Double damnit


  3. You nailed it Jeff.

    The plants thing just to me an hour ago. Too DANG funny, in a not too funny kinda way :)

    the more I think about it: long term memory has blanks in it too.

    I do remember enough to get on this board every chance I get. Misery does indeed love company 8-)


  4. Yes, those late night/early morning hits are the worst.

    I still wake up and head straight for the oxygen. Hyperventilate it with an optimask and the attack will go away in 5or 10 minutes....sometimes more or less. It stops it in it's tracks (usually.)

    If I didn't have oxygen during those situations I would be scared to death... like in the bad ole days before this sight told me about oxygen.

  5. Sign me up for extremely bad short term memory loss.

    I have been getting a conscious sedative with nerve blocks the last year or two. My pain doc says "no way" it is due to the Versed.

    It is VERY unsettling. It is getting worse and worse. No question about it. I can't even joke about this subject :(


  6. You can get seeds quicker and easier. They are legal to order online. Also order spores from sporeworks or ralphsters for the long term.

    Watch " let's grow mushrooms" on YouTube. It is a three part video and is very useful for a first time mushroom grower.

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