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  1. None of us mean any disrespect to you BostonHeadacheDoctor.

    The world would be a better place if everybody at one had time had at least had one cluster attack and had been treated by a kind And knowledgable Doctor like yourself.

    I know some doctors who I feel have empathized with me and really tried to help. I have also met at least one Neuro who I believe would   Charge  $$$ for each post he made on this or any other site. Like you recently told me: some Doctors simply want to do procedures for the sake of doing procedures.

    I commend you Sir.

    See ya in Vegas


  2. I would have taken the tall bridge years ago without oxygen.

    Absolutely, positively!

    I have never had a problem getting scripts for O2. Every doctor I've seen EVER has gladly written me a prescription.

    Take a small bit of documentation you can have ready if needed. Go to a doctor and TELL him you need a prescription.  BE prepared with the facts and, if necessary, simply and confidently treat the doc like HE is the ignorant one......with a smile on your face and a tear in your eyes. :) :'(

    Done deal!

  3. Hello...Dan here.

    Just to clarify. My headaches are back and I have been through hell just like everybody else here has.

    The mushrooms have saved my life. Absolutely, positively. My attacks went away COMPLETELY for over six months on one occasion. On numerous other occasions I lived completely PF for weeks and months.

    I wouldn't trade the time that I have been able to be "normal" because of mushrooms for a million dollars.

    I haven't had attacks near as bad since I started mushrooms several years ago. Oxygen is my best friend these days. I'm just not able to completely get things back in remission for a while. I am still a believer in the mushroom theory, or more like FACT.

    Please don't let my shitty situation keep you from taking the only thing that ever really worked for me.

    I know a whole lot of people personally that live complete,or near complete pain free lives because of magic mushrooms.

  4. Odds are there are about 80000 cluster headache sufferers in NYC with a population of 8MM. There is a guy named Anthony G. In NYC. I have talked to several times. Seems like a good guy....as we all are  :)

    You can go to MEMBERS and click on names and it will alphabetize by name. Send him a PM and tell him I sent you to him.


  5. Haha, speaking of educate your doctor...

    I went to my family doctor a few weeks ago. I had been feeling bad and thought perhaps I had low blood sugar, which I did.

    In discussing my situation this genius doctor said perhaps I was feeling poorly due to:....


    "you may be withdrawing from the mushroom roots you have been taking"

    ;D ;D ;D

  6. Hey Brian, it was much more than just a shot in the back of the head. I have had dozens of occipital nerve blocks, which is what I think you are referring to.

    This was done under an X-ray and shot directly in to the occipital FACET.

    I've had only one hit since... Going on 9days.

    Immediate results by the way. I don't expect too much in the way of long term relief but I'm liven the dream right now.

    if you can you might give it a try. I wouldn't have posted if I didn't think some of us might find relief from this procedure.

    It can be done three times per year. I will see what the next few days tell me, but for now it is working. Or perhaps my third dose kicked in simultaneously....odds???

    Mystina,, I'm hoping you are right on the random hit thang, thanks :)

  7. I don't really expect to remain pain free. I just finished my third dose of shrooms also...

    Just google facet and there's a lot of info.

    The facet injection seemed to work the first time I had one on 2010 but not for long, and not as well as this one did.

    I have major neck problems. Surgeries, arthritis, previous trauma.....

    Anyway, for now it seems like it really gave me good relief.

    Yes, Versed is the sedative. A full syringe. I wish I could buy a bottle full but I'd probably end up like Michael Jackson :P

    I can't help but wonder if anyone else has tried facet injections.

    ...has anyone else had this procedure?

  8. In stopping at nothing to stop my pain I have tried damn near everything and learned to never expect much relief. mushrooms have proven best but at times don't fix me. I think I'm not alone, so I keep trying anything and everything. I know that allof us keep trying; hoping for success for ourselves and the other poor souls that suffer for years.

    Continuing to try new methods to stop the pain keeps me going I suppose.

    To the point.

    I got an occipital facet nerve block a week ago and I have had only one headache since. I have been getting occipital nerve blocks on and off for years, mostly because I like the conscious sedative that my pain doc gives me prior to my shot.

    The facet block did something really magnificent. It feels like a cushion or some kind of badass lubricant was applied just to the perfect location.

    My headaches always seem to start in my neck...quickly moving to the eye and temple.  :-X

    This may well be worth some of you trying. If it can be blocked with a shot, perhaps there is a more permanent fix. Just thinking...


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