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  1. I have a total hip replacement as a direct result of prednisone.

    Avascular Necrosis is what they call my severe, yet not too uncommon side effect. It kills blood vessels.

    It can affect hip and shoulder joints among others. Bad poison is what it actually is.

    No way it's worth a week or two being pain free. I wasn't warned about the nasty side effects.

    Please learn from my mistake. Stay away from roids >:(


  2. Yep, the more I think about it the madder uh, more mad? I get.

    My family and your family may well have been watching that, some of whom were probably already thinking we were a big pussy. Well after years of this torture I probably Am one, but I GD sure didn't use to be.

    I'm GD tired of my condition, our condition, being marginalized. I say we don't get mad, id love to get even, maybe ahead.

    Not sure exactly how but we are a smart and motley crew. 8-)

    How about for starters, where exactly is this fake doctors office studio. Wouldn't it be fun to ambush the bastards like Dan Rather would.

  3. I really enjoyed Portland two years ago. That's not too long after mushrooms saved my life, thanks to all of you.

    The Chicago convention was nice but my attacks were pretty bad and got a major hit on the plane on the way home.

    I really liked Larrys presentation last year. I can't recall his last name, but he's one of us. He sat cross legged and barefooted on the table when he gave his talk.....funny the things one remembers.

    I DO recall having the best shrimp I've ever had( with some kind of funky noodles ) with cocktails with my sweet wife and Dallas Denny in Portland. Yes indeedy, cocktails and no headache!!!!

    Lots of good people, that's what I enjoy most. Good friends that"get it" :)


  4. But I'd love to get plowed :o

    The reason I like to have a few cocktails is to feel like a normal person,like Back before CH took my life over. I enjoy the rare occasion to put CH out of my mind and party and not have a major reminder that I DO have CH.

    just being normal is what all of us are pursuing.

    With all due respect to you and your Dads situation. I understand your point of view OneEyeCries.

    Being in the liquor business, I find some people can handle it and many can't.

    Go figure, it's kinda like CH....everyBODY is different.

    I usually just play it safe, but that doesn't mean that I don't wish I could "just fecking be normal"


  5. I didn't authorize anyone to use my line >:(


    I'll ditto, you just never know when it's safe to drink. I completely stay away from any alcohol when I am scared of getting a headache.

    Several times over the past couple of years the mushrooms worked beautifully for me. I could drink and party with no payback. Other times I've been up all night regretting that fecking coctail.

    The thing about alcohol is, if I have some drinks and get an attack it is ALWAYS a 9 or 10 and oxygen won't take it away.

    Two points:

    If I CAN drink I really enjoy it TOO MUCH :o

    If I have any doubt, which 99% of the time I DO! I stay the F away from drinking.

    My liver is glad I have clusters. I own a liquor store, so my profits are better since I got CH ;D


  6. Hey Doug,

    I'll work on getting a clip for you.

    You won't believe how they downplayed the severity of our headaches. One of these "doctors" said "if you go to bed in a bad mood" you are more likely to get a cluster headache.

    What a dumb ass...he is a plastic surgeon by the way. Cork sucker is what he is :o


  7. I was just watching The Quacks...ahem...The Doctors on tv.

    They had a short segment on "Alarm clock headaches" or "Cluster headaches"

    These TV doctors said we can cure our headaches by not talking on the phone at night and by going to bed and waking at the same time each day.

    Finally, a cure. I'm so glad I was watching TV this afternoon ;D


  8. The one constant among a bunch of inconsistencies is that OXYGEN saves most of our lives.

    I never get caught without it. At home I have a big tank that I rent from west Air fir 42 bucks a year and I bought a couple of smaller tanks for the truck.

    Refills are relatively cheap for most of us, depending on where you live.

    Do a little research and print off some good literature to hand your doc. I have had three different Docs prescribe O2 for me.

    The way I see it, if they will prescribe 180 oxycodone per month, for example, oxygen shouldnt be a problem.

    Knowledge is power. F'ing demand an O2 prescription. If he won't prescribe it, another doctor will. It is well documented to be the only abortive that has no side effects and, for me anyway, 100% effective at aborting if I get on it as soon as I feel the signs of an attack coming on.

    Best wishes


  9. Ok, I Have a few details.

    I talked with the doctor in Florida.

    He wants blood work showing PSA and Testerone levels. If they are normal or high, one is disqualified from the study.

    One also has to be IN Florida to participate.

    I'm out but to quote RP McMurphy:

    At least I tried goddamn it, at least I tried :)

    Rons son Michael aka  Bonkers, has had some good results from testosterone so it might  be worth a try for any floridians.


  10. Backtoya Bob. I hope to see you in Vegas and again thank you in person for being the man I aspire to be.

    Reminds me of a saying I say in my vets office the other day. It said:

    I hope I'm as good as my dog thinks I  am.

    You, bob, are the best among us, and there are a lot of fantastic people here.

    You should take a moment to pat yourself on the back. There should be a special place in heaven for folks like you :)


  11. ....hmmm

    That brings out the entrepreneur in me :)

    ClusterBuster Oxygen Co.

    We can do like the hospitals and charge $5000 per cylinder to those who have insurance and free for those of us who don't.

    The profits will be blackjack house money.

    How can we loose? :D

  12. I guess I like Texas....

    My BIG tank is leased from West Air. They provide welding and medical O2 together with other gasses.

    My big tank leases for $42 per year and I bought two small tanks for the truck. My refills require a doctors prescription yearly and cost $9 for the big un and $6 for the small ones.

    I've got it made and didn't know it.

    WTF....it's effing air >:(

    Best wishes to all, hope to see everyone at the blackjack table :)


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