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  1. hello all, Lee Ann, Michael, Ron aka Bonkers, Denny and I are here. Where are you?

    Ron has stripped down to his scibbies ... the night is young.

    We are discussing my occipital nerve blocks which seem to help when all else fails and having a great time bonding :o

    Ron is everything I imagined :-*


  2. What caught my attention about the lady...she still has to use injections and oxygen to get through the day. I wouldn't call that any kind of success.

    I had the occipital nerve stimulator trial. The surgery and hospital cost me $30 thousand clams ( one of Bejeebers terms  ;)) and was an utter failure. Try having a 10 with wires coming out of your head in four places.

    If a TENS unit won't do the job externally, it won't work internally.

    my opinion

    I don't blame any of us for trying everything. I have literally tried everything except DBS. That was my next option and when I turned to mushrooms.

    Mushrooms aren't the perfect solution but they have seemingly changed me from chronic to episodic.....??? I now have extended periods of total pain free time without any meds or knives.

    And nothing else worked at all except for when I nearly slowly died taking lithium and verapimil combo for two years.

    David, you are my friend and I hope and pray DBS works for you....we have to keep trying shit and telling our successes and failures.


  3. Since some aren't in clusters, a la Chronics like me, I'd say drop cluster as that term really doesn't apply unless we are all episodic.

    Take  away cluster and take away headache and that leaves me at ....uh

    Cranial attack,  acute brain attack...somethIng that sounds frightening and intense :o

    All I know is it damn sure isn't a headache and it damn sure isn't in clusters >:(

  4. As a general rule you want to get off everything for at least five days :P

    As a practical matter, you want to get off of or decrease as best you can. Don't let the fact that you have chemicals in your system stop you from trying.

    If you are unable or unwilling to wean off your meds you just hurt your odds but some of us get total relief no matter what. Others get no relief no matter what.

    I hope you find relief. I'm going on several pain free days since busting last Friday.  :)


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