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    You just have to learn to roll with the punches. It ain't easy buddy, I'm not saying it is.

    Get a prescription for oxygen and an optimask FIRST. Oxygen will help abort your attacks. It works for 95% of us I would bet.

    You can grow mushrooms inside. There is a YouTube called "let's grow mushrooms" . It is a three part video and is very helpful.

    My heart goes out to you man. You have found the site that saved my life and my sanity. You are on the road to figuring out how to live a decent life....a good life.

    Have faith that you will find what works for you. We are all different.

    Imitrex injections will take a bad hit away. The problem is: a lot of us get rebound attacks from imitrex, so use it only when you absolutely can't stand the pain. We call that a 10 :o

    Hallucinogens are illegal, but I / we don't give a shit. The people that make and enforce the stupid drug laws don't have head attacks.

    We are all here for ya!


  2. WOW. Good for you Brew. Thanks for sharing.

    BB, I didn't  EARN VA benefits. Good for you. I don't mention suicide to my Docs because I don't want to be prescribed new poisons to put in my body.

    We all have those thoughts when the pain gets really bad I suppose.

    I am going back on D3. Thanks to all for posting the benefits....again.


  3. Those early morning hits will go away with oxygen. For me anyway.

    I am always glad when I think about Trex and get rid of an attack without it. I haven't used it in years till the last month or so. I have shot myself twice. One was after being talked in to shots of Patron. Fun till it was NO FUN. I won't do that again EVER :o

  4. I have been to the last three conventions. They always have oxygen. My problem is getting there and getting home. A small price to pay for all that is gained at the get togethers.

    Hey Hammered. I see you live in Bedford...right down I-20 from me. Maybe we can fly to Chicago together from DFW???

    Misery loves company.

    My last flight home from Chicago I was trapped between two FAT people and got the nightmare hit from hell on the plane. I was sure they were going to have security waiting for me and that I would  be placed on the no fly list. I hit a Trex in the bathroom and cried for a couple of cute flight attendants....one was a girl ;D it was one of those 10's where I have to cry or SCREAM and I didn't want the plane to crash so I chose not to scream

    That makes a total of one hit on the last three round trip flights to and from Convention, so I guess that's not bad odds.  :o


  5. Good luck to your dad Jeff.

    Welcome to the new people.

    I am one of the CHRONIC ones so count your blessings :)

    Oxygen and mushrooms will save your sanity, if not your life.

    We are having an annual conference in Chicago in September if y'all can make it. Meeting other sufferers is priceless and we all actually manage to have fun and learn how to better survive with this SHIT :)


  6. Good luck with your bust BG ;)

    You have a lot of people pulling for you.

    I have been chronic for ten years. The mushrooms saved my life but haven't seemed to work properly for me for quite some time.

    I have major neck pain and have had numerous surgeries. I take Percocet to control all of my pains and that obviously keeps the mushrooms from working.

    Funny thing is, when I first started busting, I was taking Norco ( also an opiate ) and the mushrooms took my attacks away completely for extended periods. I have tried to get off the Percocet, but that is HELL also.

    Oxygen is my life saver these days.

    I hope to get to meet you at our conference in Chicago in September...and I hope we are ALL pain free ;)


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