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  1. OK, never mind. It turns out the confusion was because the conference rate is totally booked for the 18th. When I tried to book 17th - 20th, it wouldn't do it. After many phone calls I was able to book Thursday and Saturday at the conference rate and Friday at the AAA rate.
  2. Bob, I just tried to find a room at the hotel, and they're telling me "No lodging matches my search criteria". I used the link from ClusterBusters and 9/17 - 9/20 as dates.
  3. Are there any Busters in Rome Italy?
  4. Hey Graham, It'd be great to see someone make it here from the UK. Do you know Ben Kahn? You're not going to get a much better price on a hotel than the $79 at the conference hotel. Also, do you have any idea how many Graham Moores there are on Facebook? I stopped looking after about 100.
  5. The best way to dose, in my opinion, is to grind the dry shrooms in a blender, then stuff the powder into gel caps. I got my gel caps and a filling apparatus online, but you can probably get them at a health store as well.
  6. Hi Jeffrey, Psilocybin/hallucinogens are not generally addictive. Of course I can say this having never had a problem with addiction. Be aware that you may need to take doses as high as 3-4 gms. to get results. Mileage varies for everyone. Hope you get properly set up with O2 soon. That's always been a miracle drug for me. Good luck
  7. A question for the conference. The $79 rooms are available from the 19-22. Would it be possible to go to the 23rd? I know I'm late in the game throwing this one in, but I just got around to looking into flights and rooms. If I have to leave on the 22nd, I'll miss all of the Sunday activities, since the only flights back to Cleveland leave before noon. Darrell
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