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  1. https://www.erowid.org/culture/characters/nichols_david/nichols_david_interview1.shtml sorry, maybe this link will work.
  2. In this section of an interview with David Nichols he comments on treating physical conditions with psychedelics. [urlhttps://www.erowid.org/culture/characters/nichols_david/nichols_david_interview1.shtml][/url] Tania: Switching gears to the Iodo compounds, like DOI, did you mention that these are anti-inflammatory? Dave: Yeah, that's very weird. Tania: Some guy called in to Sasha's office, saying that he had rheumatoid arthritis, and he took 2C-I, and for two weeks he was pain-free. Which makes me wonder about medical applications for the Iodo compounds... Dave: My son Chuck discovered that accidentally. He's an associate professor at Louisiana State University in New Orleans. He wanted to work with 5-HT2 agonists, because he's looking at serotonin receptors in Drosophila, and doing translational stuff into rats. He asked, "Is there a 5-HT2A agonist that's not a controlled substance that I can use?" Since DOI was not controlled, I sent him the isomers of DOI. His team had been using rat aortic epithelial cells--cells from the inside of a rat's blood vessels--and looking at models of atherosclerosis. The model they'd been using was to take these cells, and put in TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor-alpha), a pro-inflammatory substance. If you've seen the advertisements for Enbrel, for arthritis, drugs such as that block TNF-alpha receptors, so they block the pain. What they would do is put TNF-alpha directly into these cells and then they would look at what effect occurred in combination with other compounds--there were four or five compounds that they were looking at. So his post-doc had some of those cells that were grown up and could be used, and he asked my son, "What if I run a test with one of our compounds in these?" And Chuck said, "Well, I don't have any anti-inflammatory compounds right now." "What about this DOI here?" Chuck laughed and replied, "That's a hallucinogen. That won't do anything." The post-doc said, "Well, I'm going to have to destroy the cells. Can I just go ahead and test it?" And Chuck said, "Yeah, go ahead." The guy came back a week and a half later and said, "The DOI completely blocked TNF-alpha at 20 picomolar." Which is like unbelievable, right? Chuck said, "Nah. You made a mistake." So Chuck went in, made up his own fresh solutions, took the cells, ran the experiment, and reproduced the guy's data. He wrote me back and asked, "Is there any precedent for this?" And I said, "No, not that I know of." So he published a paper in J PET; it was the featured paper in the issue it was published in. This has extraordinary potency; there's no anti-inflammatory that has potency like that. Jon: The dose levels you mentioned would not be psychoactive, so perhaps that's something that could be developed into a commercial medication.
  3. Awesome. And the Erowid link above is to the 5-meo-DMT vault, so if you read the effects and experiences, they differ drastically from those of 5-meo-DALT.
  4. A great article from July 8th in The Nation about the people who work hard to keep our natural medicines as schedule one drugs. http://cannabisnews.com/news/28/thread28154.shtml The link is to cannabisnews.com because I couldn't find it again on the Nation's website after a few days.
  5. From my experience, MDMA has the potential to abort, and can prevent for the time that you are feeling its effects. It was never useful for preventing future attacks in a cycle or ending a cycle though. I used to think that MDMA was solely increasing the activity of serotonin, but turns out it actually messes with dopamine a bit, and can interfere with the bust in the same way opiates do. This is the same reason it can be habit forming. Maybe somebody much smarter than me can tell us why MDMA can "deplete" serotonin and cause some to be depressed, while psilocybin lsd seem to do the opposite. Like Potter said, it is possible that your cycle was already over and you just got a hangover. The pills actually used to be MDMA. Usually MDMA, MDA, and some caffeine. Now that "molly" has gone mainstream and trendy, people are selling and swallowing just about anything, from methylone (bath salts) to amphetamines. I would stay far away from that stuff. There are thousands of research chemicals available on the market now that people love to call "Molly (MDMA)". Pretty risky. Have you tried busting with fungus, seeds or paper? It is no "cure" but can prevent your next cycle.
  6. hey Bejeeber, any chance you can save a bit of that oil and vape it next time you get hit with a cluster? Even if I make an extract I'm still going to end up with some thc in there, which isn't really a bad thing, but for the sake of figuring out what it is that's helping here, I'm dying to hear more about how the cbd's alone are affecting people.
  7. To be a bit more clear, what I referred to as a hit would be about 1/10 of a gram, anywhere from 1-4 times until the headache fades away. Very cheap. The state of Maine is kind enough to let me flower six of these through their medical program. I get relief like this from a lot of high quality hybreds though. With that being the case, I would really like to hear how this works for someone who doesn't get relief from other types of cannabis.
  8. I have been having great results with Harlequin and Canna-Tsu, both high in cbd with a below average thc content. Thc is an incredible pain reliever, so I think it is important for it to be in there at least a little. The amazing thing about these stains is the way the cannabinoids interact with each other. The cbd eventually counteracts the psychoactive affects of thc so if you smoke or vaporize it you get a heavy punch of quick pain relief from thc and cbd without the lingering head high that some cluster heads say can bring on a headache later on. I take a hit of this at the first sign of an attack, it knocks it out for me, and i'm not high doing whatever it was I was doing. Better than oxygen in my opinion and it fits in my pocket. This stuff is really interesting the way it counteracts the high. If I smoke the high cbd strains earlier in the day, hours later even the most potent, high thc strains have very little psychoactive affect. Getting really interested, I made a bunch of tincture to see if staying on a constant cbd regimen could do anything as a preventative, but I had a successful bust a few weeks ago, so... ;D I have used cannabis as an abortive for years, but it has always varied which types work the best, or don't work at all. Even the same strain can vary significantly depending on how it was grown, when it was harvested, and the isomerization of cannabinoids and terpenes that takes place during the curing process. There is much more to look into. I will let you all know how the tincture experiments go when the headaches come on back.
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