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    Welding O2

    I don't use welding oxygen for ch but I have bought it before. Around here I didn't have to pretend anything cause they didn't ask. Just tell them it's for your cutting torch if they ask. That's the most common use for it
  2. Gump

    5 weeks and counting

    Hey Jason, sorry to hear you're not getting relief. How much D3 are you taking? I stated out with 10000 iu per day. My night hits stopped ( who knows if the vitamins stopped them but I'm not willing to stop taking them to see) but still had day time hits. After q few days I upped it to 15000 iu then I had terrible night hits again. Then I went down to my 6200iu and that seemed to work good for me. So, play with your vitamin dose to see if it helps. Are you also taking hte cacuim citrate and omega 3 fishoil? Also don't forget the 2 glasses of lemonaid. I think it does help though I'm not sure how. All my hits lately have been pretty random and mostly low Kip.    I did my second bust last night with 70 rc seeds. Slept like a baby that sleeps really well. But, on way back from Terre Haute today I had a minor hit and had to use my 02. Have your seeds came in yet? Keep us posted. Hopefully we'll all be PF soon. Gump
  3. Gump

    5 weeks and counting

    Hi Jason, I'm trying to kill a horrendous cycle right now too. I started the "D3 regimen" on June 10th and it seems to help alot for me. I take 6200 IU of vitamin D3 (recommended dose is 10000IU but I've had better luck with less), about 2700mg of Omega3 fish oil, 3 calcium citrate pills with magnesium and zinc and also a little D3, and 2 big glasses of lemon aid ( morning and night) every day. I bought all this stuff at Target for like 25 bucks, maybe less. I recommend you start it too, ASAP. Â Now, I'm 10 weeks into this cycle, and never had one last this long in my 21 years of CH, so maybe mine's about over any way, but I feel like the vitamins helped over night. Also, Friday night, I "busted" with RC seeds (30 of em) for the first time. Not too sure if it's had any effect as I seemed to have had more HA's since busting. But I'm gonna bust again Tuesday with about 60 rc seeds. Â Â Everyone on here will tell you to detox for 5 days from about all prescription meds, and once you do, you'll be better off. Plus, as Jeff pointed out most meds interfere with the busting agents. Â I hope you can use this info to help get yourself pain free. Best of luck to you, Gump p.s. I always try to get on the O2 at the first hint of an attack, the longer I wait, the longer it takes to cage the beast. And, I stay on it for at least 5 minutes after the last feeling of pain or the HA returns.
  4. Ok, seeds came today. The shaman is fast! I got home from work at about 9pm and crushed 30 of them, they are soaking right now. At 1130, I plan to drink it down in one shot ( accidently, of course, cause every one knows they aint for human consumption) , chase it with my nightly lemonade, then go to bed. I'll be taking 2 extra E tanks to work with me in the morning to battle with if needed. Thanks again for all the support, info, and well wishes. You all are great. Gump
  5. Chfather, that's a Roger on the omega 3 fish oil and the lemon aid. Started it all at the same time. Thanks for the dosage info, 50 seeds it will be. Question If I dose with 50 seeds at say 9 pm at night, is there any reason i wouldn't be able to work my 12 hour shift starting at 8 am the next morning?
  6. Thank you everyone for all the info! My wife ordered 100 rc seeds for me today. I figured on using 25 per dose so I could have 4 doses if needed. They could be here tomorrow. Â Â Farming is definitely in my future. Â I feel like the D3 regimen is having some effect. I started out taking 10200IU (counting what the cal/cit has in it) each morning. Had HA's during the day but not at night. Then Tuesday evening I thought I'd up my dose and took 5k IU more. Had 3 bad hits that night and 3 yesterday before noon. Yesterday and today, I've only taken 6200 IU of the D3 and I've been PF for 38.5 hours now [smiley=thumbsup.gif]. Think I'll stick to that for a few days to see how that works out.
  7. Ricardo, Â Thanks for the links. I live in southern Indiana and while the shoomery listed 3 types that grow here, it appears that the ones I found are poison ( I'd have to go back to look at the name of it and that hard to do while posting with an IPod). Good thing I didn't start eating them yesterday, although I guess they might have ended this misery, permanently Gump
  8. Jeff, thanks for the support. No I havent ordered seeds yet, where do you recommend I get them from? Ive read a little on growing the fungus but I'm hopeful this cycle will end before it would be ready to use anyway. But I think I may go ahead and try the seeds. The smell/ taste of the O2 is getting nauseating to me. So thankful that I've slept through the night the last several nights, that has helped a lot.
  9. I don't really think they are the ones I'm interested in, but it's kinda funny that I saw em there. Never noticed any like that n the 7 years we've lived here. However, they are growing down by the Bon fire ring where my oldest son always has shin digs with his friends! Maybe one of them boys had some spores on his shoes :-? I sort of feel like an idiot for even starting this thread now. I've been getting hit in the afternoon mainly but all day today. Went through 2 E tanks of O2 just since this morning. Starting to feel desperate. The good news is I haven't had a single night time hit since I started the D3 regimen. F Thanks for the replies and thanks for listening to me wine. Gump
  10. Don't worry Ron, I would absolutely not try them with out positive ID. Thanks for your concern. I would like to post pics though, is that possible here?
  11. I found some kind of mushrooms in my yard this morning but don't know what they are. I've only recently seen pictures on the net of the magic ones, never in real life. Maybe God put them out there for me to fight the beast with!? I have pictures of them but not sure how to post them; or if that's even possible. But I'll try............
  12. Gump

    3rd day off meds

    Well, yesterday was frustrating. Went to the game (we lost) and felt the twinge, pang, or what ever you call it, starting the the 3rd inning. By the time I walked what must have been a mile back out to the car I had about a K5. Then I put on the O2 mask only to find I had brought a nearly empty tank (stupid!). Tried it anyway but it would hardly fill the bag. I hit a K8 before I gave in and took the triptan injection (Sumavel). Got relief pretty fast but had that bruised brain, or tornado damage (TD) as I think of it, the rest of the day. This is when I normally start taking the hydro but I didn't. I can't claim med free because of the triptan I took. But by not taking the hydro, I woke thus morning feeling like a million bucks! Well maybe 3/4 of a million as I still have some minor TD. I'm sticking with the d3, fish, cal, hoping that will start helping soon but I'm considering trying to find some Shrooms to try to end this cycle. QUESTION............ If I can find some (yellow pages are useless :'( ) do I need to detox from the triptan for 5 days even though I've only taken one dose of it in about 2 weeks? I have to go back to the factory Thursday thru Sunday this week for my 12 hour shifts and I'd like to try to bust it Monday or Tuesday. Thank you, Gump
  13. Gump

    3rd day off meds

    Good morning all! Just wanted to tell you all that I'm on the 3rd day off of Hydrocodone and Depakote ( only took Depakote for 3 days, couldn't handle it). Also, last night, I started the D3, fishoil, cal citrate. Woke up feeling fantastic this morning! Went out side and sat in the hot tub with a cup of coffee, very relaxing. Headed to Indy today to watch our boys highschool semi-state baseball game. Hopefully I'll feel this good all day. Hope you all are doing well and I wish pain free days for you. Gump
  14. Gump

    Right side / left side. . .and why?

    Interesting, I responded to all 18 questions as a left brain dominant. My CH's, since they started in 1990, have only ever been on the left side
  15. Bejeeber, where might I find a link to the Nat Geo Documentary? Thank You Gump