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  1. I'm making my second attempt, with several different varieties. My birst "batch I lost 8 of 18. Much mor sterile this stime, so it may work. CH is killing me. If I have several strains, should they each be birhed into a separate chamber, or can they be mixed? Thanks Jim
  2. Jim L

    2009 Clusterbuster Conference report

    Hi there, Cat. I'm in Durham, and saw Dr. Finkel YEARS ago for migraines. It sounds as if I might want to re-connect with him....
  3. Jim L

    Ready, set, go?

    Like Goldylocks, I found jars "too short" and "too tall." I went with the "too tall" ones. They're Boiling away as I type. Thanks for the advice, DD!
  4. Jim L

    Ready, set, go?

    My first time!: I've got rice flour, vermiculite, spores, but the only wide-mouth glass canning jars I could find are 4 oz -- Is that too small?
  5. Jim L

    Is anyone NOT triggered by alcohol?

    It is, alas, a big trigger for me.