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  1. like anything there are good practitoners and bad.. so you have that to contend with but I saw one and she actually triggered an attack... it was quite annoying when I begged her to let me go but she forced me to deal with paying when I swore up and down I
  2. the temp thing might be a chicken and egg situation as well... your in enormous amounts of pain and for many anxiety particularly at medium level hits as you might be anxious that it could go 9-10 which causes all sorts of things which could in turn cause temp to elevate...... the sleep thing is interesting. Now if we could do a study where we are being monitored all the time to check our temps before, after and during hits that would be great.... in fact a real study would be great
  3. Jl924

    tune for you

    I dont like country all that much (even though I feel that today's country is more americana with twang and a drawl) but there is this really cool show on CMT called crossroads where they take a mainstream artist and put them with a country artist and they do some shows and practices.... They get both bands out on the stages the jimmy buffet zac brown band was really good.
  4. Jl924

    tune for you

    I could see that... Steve miller certainly isnt a great player... Just a good song writer. I just said he was my 3rd concert not that Im a huge fan, although you have to admit that greatest hits album is pretty sweet. funny story: The grateful dead met miles davis once and they were all talking and they said "Miles, you have all these long songs like we do but we have to do this stupid thing where we break them up into pieces and call them different songs so we can get paid" He replied "thats cuz ya gots to get paid by the minute like we do" Jerry was no crappity smacker
  5. wait.... so smoking is a trigger or is not? it helps or it doesnt? Im not understanding
  6. yea... on the other board under convention pics everyone was smoking cigs.... I thought it was somewhat odd.
  7. im bowing out on this one... maybe you guys hit a nerve since I have seen it ravage people
  8. agree to disagree then but once again this isnt even for CH!!! its for PTSD and lots of drugs will help that. THC, Pail pills... doesnt mean its good and please guys stop saying stuff like "you're educated you should or shouldnt do X Y Z If im so educated then freaking listen to me. Its not like mushrooms or LSD I dont want some of you taking it regularlly it will mess you up, Ive seen it happen with my own two eyes. Some people that took alot were fine some that took less were changed forever.
  9. you are right I am defensive becuase people jumped down my throat. Look my grandfather told me that when he was 16 he smoked a few cigs and got ill and threw up... he didnt need a bunch of ads or people to come to his school to tell him it was bad for him.. Im telling you its bad for you... but please go ahead and try it and report back
  10. my friend was no stranger, so he took a higher dose...this was sat... he has seen no change..... thats what he wanted me to ask.
  11. so low dose=max effect?? my friend was under the impression that it didnt matter and the only reason people chose low dosages was to avoid hallucinating heavily.... pls advise J
  12. seems like you guys are getting upset about something that we dont even know helps, have one of you even tried it? im not making blanket statements, Im speaking from experience... also and no offense on this one, BUT DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH A drug that makes you feel happy and euphoric is helping people with PTSD wow, who would have thought it. You do know that mdma was given to soilders in WWI in the trenches right? oh how would I know that off the top of my head if Ive neevr read anything. new study in, people who watch tv alot and are obese are 90% more likely to be depressed.... please go ahead, check the band Phish's tour schedule, if they are coming to your town or nearby go on the lot and ask people for "molly" (street name of pure mdma) take it and report back make sure its as white colored as possible and the more crystalline it looks the better. oh yeah... I have no idea what Im talking about... Ptsd is not cluster headaches. I may have some PTSD if this ever goes away though
  13. wow... nice responses there... trust me on this one, I cant go around on the board proclaiming I have taken a bunch of it, and been around even more. But Its bad for you... its bad for your brain and I have read articles, and no I dont listen to the govt about eerything and yes I am educated, "professes to be" I profess that was a rude comment BUT if your gonna be having CH I dont see the damage from a few doses of MDMA being any worse than much else out there... PLEASE also remember just becuase your pain is gone doesnt mean its good for you, Afterall when your apendix finally bursts, it doesnt hurt nearly as much as when its inflamed, but your also much closer to dying..... I bet heroin would take away my pain, but you dont see me shooting up
  14. So.... I have a friend thathas the exact same symptoms as me to the letter and number.... He recently attempted busting with LSD and had a few questions for those that have tried it LSD. Did you have shadows during the time you were on the drug? were your headaches totally gone the next day or did it take a few days of shadows. I believe I read somewhere that low doses are fine, but are high doses going to be worse for busting, better or it doesnt matter? thanks, my friend could use the advice. J
  15. dude...... mdma is baaaaad for you..... way worse than LSD or psiclobin sp* I dont need to read the articles to know that
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