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  1. @CH-HELL Yes I have been off it for awhile but ironically when I first started getting them again I took the methadone for the pain. I do feel a bit better knowing what was likely the cause of them starting up again. I really did not know about cluster headaches being chronic until I started reading about it here, I just can't imagine how horrible that must be.
  2. I have been trying to figure out why after a 20 year absence of cluster headaches they came back. After reading this thread I am wondering if they are related to taking Methadone following surgery. I had weight loss surgery and thought the HA may b related to my rapid weight loss and the hormones released but now am wondering about the pain meds. It would be great to figure out why so I know what to avoid in the future. :-/
  3. Thanks for the information. It sure helps to be able to come here with my questions. I have followed advice with O2 and have gotten better results with it. 8-)
  4. With my headaches I have to sit up and use an ice pack which I move around trying to get the best relief. I don't move the imitrex pills are working for me although next time I will push for the injections. The 30 to 40 minutes waiting for the pill to work is hell but the O2 helps. I have been taking verapamil and have had a better day than I have had since they started. Hope it is helping but don't want to get my hopes up.
  5. I finally got my non-rebreather mak and it is not working at all, I got more relief from the one that just went in my nose. Could i be doing something wrong? It does seem, a little big but i am trying to seal it against my face. I also started the verapamil 80 mg 3x a day. and don't know if I can still take imitrex because the pain is heading to the unbearable level. I know that there are other options but right now I don't have access to them. :question
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    I live in an area that there are not many choices of medical suppliers and basically the the supplier doesn't want to deal with it so they are charging me $10 a tank which seemed like a great deal but I am going through it so fast it is costing more than I thought but my point is if you call a supplier and tell them why you need the oxygen maybe they will wok with you to make it affordable. Also as I have learned from this here make sure you get a nonrebreather mask.
  7. Still don't have a nonrebreather mask but I should have one tomorrow. The oxygen is helping but I only have e tanks and I go through them very fast. I'm hoping when I have the right mask it will work better. If I catch the headache fast enough I take an imitrex pill, drink a red bull and then inhale O2. It's only costing me $40 a day! (Yes their is sarcasm there)
  8. In my fight against my cluster headaches I have asked my doctor for a prescription for something to stop the headaches. Years ago when I had the headaches I used lithium and it worked great for many episodes and then the last time it stopped. I asked to try lithium again and my doctor gave me the choice of verapamil or predisone. i don't want predisone because of the side effects. I had weight loss surgery six weeks ago and taking something that makes me gain weight is almost the last thing I want. I say almost because if it is my only choice I will take it. :-/
  9. Do you mean that you don't have an O2ptimask, or you don't even have a non-rebreather mask? Can you remove the mask and suck air directly from the plastic that connects the tubing to the mask? He called it an M tank so maybe I am not understand how to use it? It is bigger than 2 feet. I don't have a mask just a thingy that goes in my nose. It helps but I am on my second tank and haveused it about 20 miutes and it is very close to 0 but could I not be understanding how to use it? I will call the supplier when they open. I tried a red bull before I used it this morning, drank about half and it did help. Last night took an imitrix pill, used )2 for 10 minutes and slept from 12am to 5 am the most sleep I have gotten since these things started again. On another note it is so amazing to have somewhere to come where I am can ask these questions. Everyone support on this board makes a lot of difference.
  10. Thanks! I am just wondering how fast you usually go through a tank of O2? I have used it 3 times and it is empty. I thought it would last longer than that. I am only using 15 lpm and that is high it goes. I have one more tank and three imitrex. My insurance isn't covering the O2 and I have already maxed out my imitrex prescription. :-?
  11. Had a good visit with my doctor. He did agree that my headaches are cluster headaches. I am having some relief with the Imitrix pills. If I take it at the very beginning of the headache it keeps it from getting out of control, the problem is with the ones that wake me up by then it is to late to stop it with the Imitrix. I have used the oxygen twice and it holds it off but them came back. i know I don't have the right type of mask but i was hoping it would keep it gone so I can get some sleep tonight! It is helping though so I feel better that I am on the right track to getting some relief. I have three days before I go back to work and still not sure how i am going to do it.
  12. I just joined forum and would be interested in going. It is not to far for me to travel.
  13. Thanks for all the information. The imitrex I take is pill form and since the doctor increased the dosage it has helped. I don't know if I could give my self injections. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow and insisting on the O2. I am just seeing a regular doc in the clinic, to see a neurologist is a very long wait unless he refers me tomorrow and is knowledge of cluster headaches is limited.
  14. I started getting cluster headaches in college and had cycles of them about every 18 months for the next ten years. When I was 32 they went away and did not return until two weeks ago. It took me awhile to figure out they are cluster headaches as they did not start out as painful as I remembered although they are now! My doctor is treating them only as migraines because I don't have any sinus drainage. At first I was okay with that but the headaches have increased in frequency and intensity. I am now 100% sure it is cluster headaches even though no sinus the pain is excrucating. He has me on imitrex but I can only treat one headache a day and I am having two or three. I can not work or even function right now. Does anyone have advice on what I should tell my doctor or what I should i should ask for treatment? In the old days I used Lithium to control the headaches but hoping there are better options now.
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